3 Steps to Program the Subconscious Mind

3 Steps to Program the Subconscious Mind

To begin, a few questions:  What does it take to create a new subconscious mind?  Why would you want to reprogram your subconscious mind?  What is the subconscious mind?  For a more in depth look on what the subconscious mind is see the article Ask The Horse.  This article focuses on the reprogramming of the subconscious mind and the 3 steps needed to make that change.  We’re going to start by addressing the above question but in reverse order.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

What Is The Subconscious Mind?

If you had to take a guess at how much of your thinking each day, of the approximately 70,000 thoughts that go through your mind daily, how much of it are you in control of?  Would you say maybe 70% of them?  Surely with your conscious self and thoughts leading the charge forward into your day we are in control of a large majority of our thoughts.  That’s too high.  Maybe then half?  Does our conscious inner monologue and the decisions we are aware of make for at least half or our thoughts?  That too, is far too high.  

The answer:  Only 10%.  The remaining 90% of our thoughts are programed and repetitive.  In fact, according to Dr. Joe Dispenza, approx 90% of the thoughts we have each day are repeated thoughts from previous days.  Where is the originality and who is in charge?!  Do dive into this topic further, again, check out the article Ask The Horse.. Keeping this intro short, the subconscious mind is opinion, emotions and beliefs we have towards various topics, people or experiences embedded deep within our psyche.  Throughout our lives as we’ve collected end emotionally judging experiences and we have impressed our subconscious with ways of understanding situations where very little immediate information is collected.  This allows us to make snap judgements and react in situations where we may need to fight or flee (flight) for our survival.  The subconscious mind rests within the reptilian brain also known as the Cerebellum. 

Who we are today, behaviorally, also rests within the subconscious mind.  Our behaviors lead us to our successes and drive our personalities.  Should we choose to want to make a chance to this then the steps to make that happen are below.

(If you want to learn more about this topic, check out these Ted Talks on the subconscious mind!

Reprogram the Subconscious Mind

Why Would You Want To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind?

Where you are now and what you’ve achieved in life is a result of what you’ve been doing.  What you know has brought you to now but if you have in mind to become, achieve or live in another way, what you’ve been doing will not suffice.  You can’t get to there with how you’ve gotten here.  You get it. 

If you’re getting up every morning and snoozing the alarm multiple times and half-way through your day you/re complaining about how you have to work for someone else and the schedule they set for you, have you created a plan to make your circumstances any different? 

If you’re constantly finding yourself in relationships that end in strikingly similar fashions and have similar struggles throughout, have you questions your own behaviors and how you’re contributing?

If you’re not in a job that you believe meets your level of earning potential or that has become so redundant that you can’t remember one day to the next because of the same boring routine, have you given yourself an honest assessment of your own contribution to your position and made a plan to affect change?

Chances are, you have at least observed one of these in your own life or something similar, where a pattern has started to emerge.  Chances are, you’ve become aware of the all to familiar end results or where you may feel stuck.  Most of us will wait for a relatively traumatic experience to have finally become aware enough, dramatically aware, so that we begin making efforts to create real change.  The subconscious mind is very much like the frog in a boiling pot of water analogy.  In this case, we are the frog and the behaviors are the heating water.  Only when the water is heated to a point of seriously burning or killing us do we realize a change needs to occur.

Here’s the important and amazing truth to what we can affect with our minds:  We don’t have to wait.  We can make changes within ourselves now.

What Does It Take to Create New Subconscious Mind?

For this final portion of the article we are going to borrow from another article within this site called The Three Brains.  Here however, we are going to jump straight into the procedures.  The mechanism for putting this process into motion is called Visualization.

Step 1: Thinking

In order to begin the full sequence with thinking you must make the time to set your Visualization session up.  If writing down your goals or what a new experience looks like helps in setting a vision for them then write them down.  It’s also recommended that you establish a setting similar to mediation with little distractions and similar posture and breathing.  This assists for many reasons such as shifting your brain waves back down from beta but that’s another topic.  Remember, this is where you decide what you want and who you want to be.  Begin with these steps:

  • Begin with a snapshot in your mind of who you currently are then imagine yourself as having achieved your goal.
  • Be specific to what it is you’re intent on achieving. Intention is everything. 
  • Think of the feelings you’re going to have not only at goal achievement but along the way in your journey towards achievement.
  • Make a mental note that this is moment of achievement is meant for that moment but there are others still to come, although no energy needs to be directed to them yet.

Once you have set your mind into place with intention for the goal and a clear vision for what you will look and feel like as well as what the environment will feel like we can move into the feeling phase.

Step 2 - Feeling

Now, to complete the Visualization exercise we will attach the emotions we envisioned earlier to the experiences.  Whereas before you simply thought or imagined what they would look like here is where you imagine what they feel like.

  • Within your vision of the goal or experience, in combination with the image of what the result looks like imagine what they will feel like.
  • Let the feeling begin within your mind and flow through your envisioned self of the future.
  • Imagine the feeling throughout your body and allow your future thinking to recognize the feeling, creating an awareness of the future mind and body.
  • Take note of the smells, sounds and environment when you are at your moment of success. Let all of these things, your envisioned mind, body and atmosphere take form and exist.
  • Finally, allow yourself a sense of appreciation and gratitude for the journey and the new experience or achievement that has come to be.

With the vision of your future self solidified and the feelings associated with who you already are in place, you can return your energy and focus to the present.  The power to create change only every resides in the present.  What you’ve done is hacked into a future ‘present’ version of yourself.  You have set in motion changes of what you are already becoming because you’ve already experienced it.  Those experiences have created thoughts about your emotions, those emotions will be manifesting in the present to reinforce the being you already are. 

Step 3 - Being

Your complete being today is a combination of your past experiences, future projections and ultimates your beliefs about yourself.  This isn’t to be confused with your spiritual true inner self but instead it is the personality and resulting lifestyle derived from conditioned behaviors and a belief of who we are, our ego, as well as our past fears and successes.  What you are affecting with Visualization, is who you end up ‘Being’ in the sense of form.  You, with your mind as the captain of the ship of your life and self, have the power to transform who you are into anyone you can imagine.  Action only resides within the present

What is left after Visualization?  Doing.  You must put your envisioned future self into action.  The only power that exists to create will always every be the present, now!

What you have done is set a condition to influence your behaviors.  Through Visualization and a reinforcement of this vision through repeated exercises you will continue to reinforce the experiences, thoughts and emotions associated with what you’ve envisioned.  This in turn reprograms your Subconscious Mind!