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7 Compelling Reasons Why a Life Coach Is Worth It!

The job of a life coach is to encourage and motivate you to do better with your life. Some people argue that they do not need a life coach and can provide this type of motivation by themselves. However it may be, there is more to a life coach than others realize and having a life coach is worth it. But, some may still ask why? What are the different attributes of a life coach to determine whether they are worth giving a chance?

A life coach’s reasons vary from person to person, but the results are intended to be the same. The reasons can range from having a sense of clarity to needing to be provided with better coping skills to improve your everyday life. With a life coach, they introduce you to a starting point.

Keep reading about if a life coach is worth it and their different attributes, along with some signs that made you realize that you need a life coach.

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Is A Life Coach Really Worth It?

Is a life coach really worth it? Yes, they are worth it. The goal of a life coach is to motivate you and provide you with a different perspective on how to achieve your goals and have better coping skills for your everyday life. They will sit down with you and try to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and fears and hold you accountable.

After establishing that having a life coach is worth it, now is time to identify what makes you ready to have a life coach in the first place. Read more to know if you’re ready for a life coach.

How to Know if You're Ready for a Life Coach

Some do not feel like they need guidance in their lives, but for others, there is a tipping point or “a-ha” moment that has made them realize that a life coach can be beneficial for them in the long run. Five ways that you can determine if you need a life coach can include:

  • Feeling Lost: You feel lost and are unsure of where you want to go and do with your life. Working with a life coach can provide you with a starting point that you can work towards achieving.
  • Overwhelmed and Easily Stressed: Feelings of overwhelming stressors in your life can subject you to becoming easily stressed and frustrated. Hiring a life coach can provide you with healthier coping skills to implement into your everyday life.
  • Want More for Yourself: You want more for yourself but are unsure how to get it. And no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t work out for you, and it is becoming frustrating for you. With a life coach, they will give you a starting point and encouragement along the way.
  • Change of Career: You’re not happy with your current career, so you want to change it, whether starting a business, or private practice, of your own or switching to a whole different profession. With a life coach, you will receive encouragement along the way to help boost your confidence and assure you that you are making the best choices for yourself.
  • Procrastination: You are a long-time procrastinator, and you have finally become frustrated by this and want to stop because you feel it is hindering you from achieving what you want to do in life. With a life coach, they can act as a hand in encouragement and an accountability partner.

What to Look for in a Life Coach?

When seeking out a life coach, various elements align with one another. However, it can be challenging and exhausting trying to figure out what would best qualify you and what kind of life coach you want for yourself. Read more about the six things to look for in a life coach.

Testimonials and Success Rate

When researching for a life coach, observing their success rates and positive testimonials can indicate whether this person is the right fit for you. What were past clients’ results from start to finish with their life coach, and how well did they get along?

These are questions that can be considered when searching for your life coach. And, if you can, try to get into contact with a past client and have a conversation with them. This can give you a better idea of your life coach and how passionate they are about their job.

Honesty and Understanding

Assurance that your life coach is honest but understanding is a good quality to have in a life coach. A real-life coach will ensure a healthy balance of holding you accountable for what you didn’t do or lack but will not judge you harshly so that you can feel safe within their space but provide tough love.

A life coach who is understanding is an active listener. An active listener will listen to a person relay their feelings to them without interrupting or judging them. After talking, that person will rephrase their wording but within the same context to show the person speaking that they were listening to them and heard them correctly.

Your life coach giving you undivided time shows that they actively care about getting you to the goal you want to achieve and understand why.

Their Charging Rates

How much are they charging? Determining how much they are willing to charge you and how much you want to pay before should be established from the pricing on their website or when you are first speaking. Most life coaches do not charge a fixed rate but hourly rates from anywhere between $50 to $500 per hour. This price range comes from how experienced they are (i.e., success rates and certification(s)) and who they target.

Provides Accountability

If you have a life coach who checks on you regularly to ensure that you continue to do the things you need to do, they are a good life coach. An accountability partner is what a life coach is while sprinkling in tough love. A life coach who does not check on you often or ask you for updates shows that they are not passionate about their job nor interested in you succeeding at your goal.


Is your life coach certified in what they do? Ask them this during your conversation or research through their website. A life coach with certified training shows that they know what they are doing and talking about when helping you achieve your goals.

There are various training to be a life coach, and the most used are weekend courses and a year-long certification program, which is the most recommended life coach to have over the ones who take weekend courses. After they have become certified, you will see credentials such as ACC, PCC, or MCC within their bios.


Having a passionate life coach who is also confident in what they do is a significant relief factor for those looking for life coaches. Money is not their primary motivation for doing what they do, but helping others succeed is. A life coach, who lacks passion, will display who they are by not actively listening to you, lack of checking in and communication skills, etc. Working alongside people like this can hinder your progression and take longer than needed.

7 Compelling Reasons Why a Life Coach is Worth It!

Many reasons a person thinks that a life coach is worth it vary from person to person. Different people have different goals, but the same endpoint is the same in achieving those goals. Keep reading about the seven compelling reasons why a life coach is worth it to achieve those goals.

1. Sense of Clarity

As you progress further on your journey with your life coach, you are given a sense of clarity. This clarity and direction will provide you with a distinct sense of knowing who you are as a person and your meaning in life and living that way unapologetically. For some, having a boost of self-confidence and self-esteem can help them find themselves and know their identity a lot clearer.

2. Increase in Productivity

Having a life coach can help with increasing your productivity. For serial procrastinators who feel like they are not getting as much as they would like, a life coach can help provide you with various routines to help structure your days better than they originally were.

3. Accountability

One of the jobs of a procrastinator is that they are your accountability partner. Trying to progress towards your goals on your own is tricky as you are more susceptible to losing motivation reasonably quickly due to a lack of confidence and life stressors. A life coach will check on you regularly to see how well you are progressing and keep you on track.

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4. Have a Support System

Having a life coach provides you with a safe support system. While they remain honest with you, they will not judge you as well. A life coach’s goal with you is to progress towards your goals. They are there to cheer you on, feeding into your confidence and self-esteem.

5. Goal-Setting

A life coach will help you set up personal or professional goals and then work towards executing them. For many people, when it comes to setting a plan, it can become difficult to follow up with it after making them. With a life coach, they can help you identify with what you want to prioritize.

6. Help With Becoming More Present

Life coaches will help you become more mindful and present among all of the hectic in your life. Finding a balance between being present and professional life can help you find joy in the small things in life and create memories with loved ones while still working to achieve your professional goals.

7. Help Improve Coping Skills

When it pertains to stressors and inevitable conflicts within your personal or professional life, some are not coping in a way that is not deemed the healthiest. Being tense consistently can negatively affect both your physical and mental health. Having a life coach can help you improve your coping skills and develop them into healthier ones.


You have now learned why a life coach is worth it and why you may need to have a life coach yourself, and the different attributes to look for in one.