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Annie Botticelli’s YouTube Review and More

Astrology believes that the moon, sun, and other planets or fixed stars influence humans and earthly affairs. By using this concept, devotees believe they can predict the destinies of individuals, groups, and nations. Astrology is a science; on the other hand, horoscopes are more like charts and diagrams that use astrology concepts. Astrology is why you most likely hear a lot about mercury being in retrograde and how that affects personality traits and daily events in people’s lives.

To understand astrology and get daily or monthly readings, you need to follow experts in the field like Annie Botticelli. Annie has a YouTube channel and website dedicated to readings and more information to help anyone understand the basics of astrology, get their readings, and dig deeper into the subject. Annie Botticelli’s YouTube is full of inspiration and knowledge to help anyone looking for information on the internet. If you want to clear your karma, use astrology for your business, parenting, or relationships, Annie Botticelli is the expert in this subject and can help you get ahead.

Astrology and numerology are an intriguing art and science. It’s also immensely old that’s why it was written in historical records, but this knowledge might have existed even before then. It’s very important in prediction, and people long ago used astrology to predict the best times to plant seeds and even the best times to harvest them. Today, we use astrology to understand the best times to open a business or pursue love through understanding the psychological, which helps us see factors that affect our default behaviors and find ways to get along better with others.

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Who is Annie Botticelli

Annie Botticelli is more than just an astrologer. She is a teacher, an author, and a self-development coach. Her role in this life is helping willing individuals on their paths, and she does this through online programs, live group events, and personal coaching. She has been practicing astrology for over twenty years, which means she has had thousands of readings with her clients and is an expert on the subject.

She is also the website hostess for various upcoming bloggers like and different other websites. Because of how passionate she is about the subject, Annie has also published two books that help pass out the knowledge about astrology to those willing to read or listen.

A brief history of Annie Botticelli’s Astrology Career

After a long career of 20 years at Corporate America, Annie Botticelli had a spiritual awakening that led her to quit her job. She started seeing things in a new light and discovered her true passion in this lifetime. She started understanding how the spirit was speaking to her through other people and situations and in her life, and she was ready to listen.

She set out on a quest to listen more and understand her calling better. This quest is what she’s been on for over twenty years now, and that’s the Annie we all know. Her mission is to help others live their best and most fulfilling lives.

With her experience, Annie helps people discover their real selves. She helps individuals, communities, and even couples. Through her years of experience, she has learned techniques, resources, and tips to help people transform their lives, find themselves, embrace uncertainty, and even be better in their relationships.

Annie Botticelli and horoscopes

Annie has been doing readings for years now, and she still tells people what to expect according to their horoscopes. On her website and YouTube channel, she explains what to expect and how the month will affect different signs, what to expect, and changes that need to be made.

When she looks at horoscopes, she explains the position of the planets and stars and how these will affect each horoscope. For example, different horoscopes have different energies, and when these positions shift, they tend to affect all horoscopes in various manners.

If you want to know what to expect in the coming season, check out Annie Botticelli’s YouTube or her website. She explains things you should avoid like making decisions, especially big ones or small ones, depending on how she reads your horoscope. Listening to her will understand what is coming, how that energy will affect your life, and things you can do to align with these energies instead of fighting them.

She also offers knowledge to those who want to pursue astrology like she is. Annie is a good teacher, and if you’re a beginner, you can learn a lot from her by watching her YouTube channel, reading her blog posts, and taking advantage of the free resources she offers. Once you’re ready to dive deep, you can take her coaching course that she provides online. Then you’ll earn a certification to be an astrologer too.

Annie Botticelli and Birth Charts

Annie reads birth charts through her unique lens of astrology education. Due to how long she has taken to find herself and deeply understand her calling and work in astrology, Annie is highly dependent on her intuition and her knowledge on the subject. Even though there are different ways to read your birth chart, Annie strives to use not only her intuition and knowledge on the subject but also narrows it down to the pieces that are most relevant to you.

Annie Botticelli also has a deep understanding of astrology systems based on different cultures worldwide. This means she can read your chart on various angles of the stars and give you the most accurate information there is out there.

She also looks at different charts when giving you your readings, like a natal chart, transit chart, solar chart, progress chart, and birth chart. If you have familiarized yourself with these charts, you can also get readings from various synastry charts that combine your chart with other people to see where you have more or less flow.

Annie Botticelli’s YouTube Channel

On her YouTube page, Annie updates all the different horoscopes on their different expectations depending on where the planet, stars, or the sun is in a timely manner. For example, when Venus was in retrograde, she helped people understand what it means and how that energy can affect new things (like businesses or projects). Annie explains how you should not start the tasks you’re attached to and have wanted to do for years because you might be disappointed. She is also good at explaining the zodiac signs that go well together. The thing about her YouTube channel is that she makes astrology predictions like a month or a few weeks before it comes into play. The timing of her videos gives you enough time to make sure you’re ready for what’s coming.

If you love knowing more about astrology, she is the best source for it. She also explains how these different positions will affect various signs. Annie also gives crystals recommendations for multiple signs.

On her YouTube channel, Annie also makes sound healing videos for various horoscope signs. Even though we all hear the same sound in a sound healing session, it affects us differently. Some people may fall into deep meditation and wake up groggy, while others may leave the sessions feeling like they had a shot of caffeine. Annie uses this knowledge to draw energy from the planet that is currently emanating it to help various signs differently. For example, if it’s Aries season, she will use her knowledge to create healing sounds for Aries, which will be centered around the planet Mars. Even though any other sign can get help from it, it will vary immensely.

These healing sounds that she makes for various horoscopes help stimulate different brainwaves, especially if one listens to them in meditation. Planets dancing with each other affects the energies and dynamics. How these energies affect you is dependent on the position of your soul on its spiritual journey.


On Annie Botticelli’s YouTube channel, you will find various playlists of things you might love to learn. She has subdivided her channel into playlists so you can find what you’re looking for. For example, you find playlists for;

  • Healing sounds for the zodiac signs: Here, you’ll find healing sounds to use when meditating in accordance with your sign.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius for each sign: Here, she explains how the position of Jupiter affects various signs and what they can do during this time to adjust with the energies.
  • Retrograde playlist: In this playlist, she explains all there is to know about Mercury, Venus, and Mars when they’re in retrograde.
  • Playlists for various signs: She also has playlists for all signs explaining to them what to expect as the seasons change and the planet’s position moves.

Top Videos

Her top watched video is “Venus Retrograde- Do’s and Don’ts.” In this video, she elaborates what Venus in retrograde symbolizes and how the energy during this time changes. She also explains how long Venus is going to be in retrograde. Annie explains the rules of Venus, which are love, beauty, and money. These places will undergo a great transformation. The information she gives about Venus in retrograde applies to all the 12 signs of the zodiac in general.

Another top video is “Saturn Square Uranus.” Here, she explains the dance between these two planets and their energy. Of course, this is a very interesting topic considering that the world kind of shuts down because of the pandemic. She explains the history of the clash of these planets, how they will affect the world in general, and each person’s personal life.

Final Thoughts

Annie Botticelli is a genius in her craft and art of astrology. She deeply understands the subject and is the best person to follow currently if you want to learn more about your horoscope and astrology in general. Annie gets in-depth in all the subjects, and you’re sure to understand these subjects. Annie is a very positive influence in how she reads charts and even how she teaches. Most of the time, she doesn’t dwell on the negative but rather allows you to understand that these energies can affect our daily lives in different ways, and we should be aware. Annie is a gift, and even most online astrologers say they learned a lot from her youtube channel and website because of how resourceful they are.