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Last updated on November 27th, 2023.

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing practice that utilizes the therapeutic properties of essential oils to promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being. As its popularity grows, more and more individuals are seeking formal training to become certified aromatherapists. If you are looking to enhance your knowledge and skills in aromatherapy, enrolling in a reputable course is essential. In this article, we will explore the five best aromatherapy courses available, covering various aspects of this ancient healing art.

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What is aromatherapy?

So before we get into the very best certifications and courses for practitioners looking for aromatherapy training, let’s discuss what aromatherapy is. 

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing practice that uses natural aromatic compounds, primarily extracted from various plant parts like flowers, leaves, roots, and fruits, known as essential oils. These essential oils are used to promote physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Aromatherapy is often considered a complementary or alternative therapy, working in harmony with conventional medicine to support overall health.

This practice involves inhaling the scents of essential oils or applying them to the skin through massage, baths, or other topical applications. When inhaled or applied, the aromatic molecules of the essential oils stimulate the olfactory system and can influence the limbic system, which is responsible for emotions, memory, and certain physiological functions. As a result, aromatherapy can have various effects, including relaxation, stress reduction, improved mood, and relief from certain physical ailments.

Aromatherapy is utilized for a wide range of health concerns, such as stress managementanxiety, pain relief, headaches, insomnia, and immune system support. Each essential oil possesses unique properties that can be tailored to specific needs, making aromatherapy a versatile and personalized approach to well-being. It is important to note that while aromatherapy can provide many benefits, it is not a substitute for professional medical treatment, and individuals should consult qualified healthcare practitioners for serious medical conditions.

1. My Vinyasa Practice: Aromatherapy Level 1

The Aromatherapy Level 1 course offered by My Vinyasa Practice is a comprehensive program designed to introduce students to the principles and applications of aromatherapy. Led by experienced instructors, the course covers a range of topics, including essential oil profiles, blending techniques, safety guidelines, and various aromatherapy methods. It is a self-paced online course suitable for beginners and individuals interested in using essential oils for personal well-being or as a stepping stone towards a career in aromatherapy.

Key features of the Aromatherapy level 1 course

      • Comprehensive introduction. The course provides a thorough introduction to aromatherapy, covering the fundamentals of essential oils and their therapeutic uses.
      • Self-paced learning. Participants can study at their own pace, allowing flexibility for those with busy schedules or other commitments.
      • Experienced instructors. The course is led by knowledgeable instructors with expertise in aromatherapy, ensuring a quality learning experience for students.

2. Aromahead Institute: Aromatherapy Certification Program

The Aromahead Institute’s Aromatherapy Certification Program is one of the most comprehensive and well-regarded courses in the field. Founded by Andrea Butje, an experienced aromatherapist, this program offers an in-depth exploration of essential oils, their properties, and their applications for therapeutic use. It is an online course that is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced practitioners, providing flexibility for individuals with busy schedules.


The course covers a wide range of topics, including the history of aromatherapy, essential oil chemistry, methods of extraction, blending techniques, safety guidelines, and specific applications for various health concerns. Students will also learn about the business aspects of aromatherapy and how to create their own product line.


Aromahead Institute’s course stands out due to its engaging video lessons, interactive online forums, and extensive library of resources. Additionally, students can participate in live webinars with Andrea Butje herself. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate, enabling them to practice aromatherapy professionally.

Best Aromatherapy Certifications for Aspiring Practitioners - Aromahead Institute

3. Tisserand Institute: Essential Oil Safety Masterclass

The Tisserand Institute is renowned for its dedication to essential oil safety, making its Essential Oil Safety Masterclass an indispensable course for anyone venturing into aromatherapy. Led by Robert Tisserand, a prominent aromatherapy expert, this online course focuses on ensuring that practitioners understand the potential risks and benefits associated with essential oil use.


The course emphasizes essential oil safety guidelines, risk assessment, and the importance of proper dilution. Students will gain an understanding of potential adverse reactions and learn to create safe and effective blends. The content is evidence-based, drawing on Robert Tisserand’s extensive knowledge and research.


The Tisserand Institute’s Essential Oil Safety Masterclass is self-paced and features interactive quizzes to reinforce learning. Students will have access to a supportive community of learners, and the course’s discussion forum provides an opportunity to seek guidance directly from Robert Tisserand and his team of experts.

Best Aromatherapy Certifications for Aspiring Practitioners - Tisserand Institute

4. Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy Home Certification Course

For those seeking a more traditional approach to aromatherapy education, the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy’s Aromatherapy Home Certification Course offers a comprehensive and practical curriculum. This course provides a strong foundation in aromatherapy principles and essential oil application techniques.


The program covers essential oil profiles, blending techniques, methods of use, and the historical context of aromatherapy. Additionally, students will explore aromatherapy’s role in promoting physical and emotional well-being. The course is delivered through a combination of study guides, textbooks, and assignments.


What sets the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy’s course apart is its focus on hands-on learning. Students are encouraged to practice blending and formulating products to gain practical experience. Upon completion, graduates receive a Home Aromatherapy Certification, which allows them to use aromatherapy techniques for personal use and within their families.

Best Aromatherapy Certifications for Aspiring Practitioners - Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy

5. Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC): Exam Preparation and Registration

The Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC) is an organization that provides an avenue for aromatherapists to become certified and registered professionals. While not a traditional course, ARC’s Exam Preparation and Registration program is essential for individuals seeking to demonstrate their expertise and dedication to the field.


The program prepares students for the ARC certification exam, which evaluates their knowledge and understanding of aromatherapy principles, safety guidelines, and essential oil usage. Participants will gain access to study materials, practice exams, and guidance on exam preparation.


The ARC’s Exam Preparation and Registration program is crucial for individuals who wish to establish their credibility and professionalism as aromatherapists. Successful completion of the ARC exam leads to the prestigious Registered Aromatherapist (RA) designation.

Best Aromatherapy Certifications for Aspiring Practitioners - Aromatherapy Registration Counci


As aromatherapy continues to gain recognition for its healing properties, the demand for well-trained aromatherapists is on the rise. The five courses mentioned in this article provide excellent opportunities to deepen your knowledge, acquire practical skills, and become certified in the field. Whether you are a novice or an experienced practitioner, investing in high-quality aromatherapy education can pave the way for a rewarding and fulfilling career in holistic healing. Choose the course that aligns with your goals and embark on a transformative journey into the world of aromatherapy.

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