Courtney Lavonne

Courtney Lavonne is a Professional Astrologer, relationship decoder, and starry-eyed storyteller. She is that friend who always has hot astrological insights. Certified by Kepler College, ISAR, and the School of Traditional Astrology, my approach combines traditional techniques with modern takes to use the stars as guides for deeper connections and self-awareness. Besides one-on-one consultations, she teaches Relationship Astrology: Synastry 101, an online course perfect for those interested in exploring their relationships and understanding the influence of astrological compatibility.

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The Full Guide to Grand Trines

Have you ever wondered what the shapes formed by the lines in a chart mean? Among these intriguing patterns is a configuration known as the grand trine, a sign of harmony and potential in astrology. But what exactly does it entail, and more importantly, how can it influence your life?...

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