Jeremy Youst

Jeremy Youst is the Founder and Director of the Power of Breath Institute. He utilizes Somatic Breathwork Therapy for deep psychological, emotional, and somatic healing. Facilitating empowerment for individuals and groups for over forty-four years, Jeremy has brought together the most effective and clinically sound techniques and practices to the largest breathwork schools, utilizing trauma-informed therapy and a heart-centered, spiritual approach. Jeremy was a board member of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA), an organization dedicated to establishing international ethical and professional standards for breathwork practitioners, for over 18 years. From 2021-23, he rewrote the training standards and competencies for breathwork practitioners worldwide. Jeremy still does breathwork consultations, sessions, and groups and maintains a private practice in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.

3 Articles Published

The Three Requirements of Breathwork

Humans are born innocent and free to choose and grow in life's journey. Yet, integral to that process is the experience of pain and difficulty, sometimes to the point of sheer mental, emotional, or physical breakdown and dysfunction. Interestingly, this is often the point where we forget that all of...

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Relational Mutuality in Breathwork

Relational mutuality, or more simply, relationality, is the state or condition of being relational and pertains to how two or more things may be linked or associated. In Somatic Breath Therapy, we look at it this way: Relationality is the reciprocal, consciousness-infused intraconnection between practitioner and client, which is not...

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How Does Breathwork Work?

My name is Jeremy Youst, and I bring four decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the field of Somatic Breathwork Therapy. I have dedicated myself to empowering individuals and groups and integrating the most effective and clinically sound psychological, emotional, and somatic healing techniques. Serving as a...

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