Luke Ocean

Luke Ocean is a writer, self-proclaimed bio-hacker, wellness advocate and yoga expert. Luke grew up on a small ranch in Montana and enlisted in the Navy to study and become a cryptologist. He later graduated from the US Naval Academy with a Minor in Mandarin and a Bachelor's of Science for General Engineering and a Major of English Literature. Luke's interests and career span multiple industries and various disciplines.  Luke resides in San Antonio and is a Certified Yoga Instructor, a student of Zen Buddhism, practitioner of Holistic Psychology and has completed his CYT-200 and is studying for his 300-hour yoga teacher training.

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4 Primary Types of Meditation

To understand meditation, it’s essential to understand its purpose. So, why meditate? Meditation can be used for many things. Meditation has health benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety through lowering your heart rate and clearing your mind of worries. There are also spiritual benefits, such as creating clarity within...

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Fear, Ego and You

Who are you? Are you a summation of your past experiences, some of those being traumatic and some of them being beautiful and loving? Are you who you imagine yourself to be, that woman praised for standing up for equality or the man landing a lucrative contract with a wealthy...

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What is mindfulness?

What is mindfulness, and what does being mindful mean to you in your everyday life? Here are three principles to help you understand mindfulness and some practical examples of recognizing mindfulness opportunities to live more consciously and enjoy life. Principle #1 – Mindfulness Is the Action of Creating Space​ Mindfulness...

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10 Yoga Studio Equipment Essentials

If you're considering opening your yoga studio, you must know you'll need lots of patience, passion, and organization. It takes a bit of time to realize exactly how you want your yoga studio to look, but it even takes more time to pick each little item and make every small...

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The 8 Best Yoga Anatomy Courses Online in 2024

Yoga practice is equal parts spiritual and physical. Understanding yoga anatomy is vital as it helps to explain how bones and muscles are engaged when conducting poses. Yoga anatomy is an excellent course for every yoga teacher to pursue.As a yoga teacher, you must ensure that your students don’t get...

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