Rachel Markowitz

Rachel recently found herself over a decade deep in a worldwide wander guided by what she feels to be true. She’s been facilitating light-hearted classes and workshops on yoga, meditation, self-exploration, and alternative ways of living since 2012, mostly in community and retreat-type settings in Latin America and Asia. She also writes and sings about these themes. These days, she spends most of her time sitting or walking around a sacred mountain in south India.

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The Nadis and Energetic Channels

Beneath the surface of physical postures, yoga is a practice of moving energy. In yogic philosophy, energy moves through various channels called nadis. This article will explain the main nadis and offer practices to familiarize yourself with your energetic patterns. Article Topics What are Nadis? Nadis exist in the energetic...

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How To Become a Guided Meditation Instructor

The best guided meditation instructors improve the lives of their students through wisdom and straightforward guidance. However, the path to becoming an instructor takes the unique shape of the person embarking on the journey. Although guiding meditation happens effortlessly for some, it can require studying and planning for others. Therefore,...

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Exploring the Bandhas & Energetic Anatomy

Yoga is the science of awakening to our true nature. During a yoga practice, we facilitate this internal transformation through external practices. In addition to physical postures and breathing practices, yoga describes several other methods or tools to purify energy and direct the flow of prana, our vital life force....

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How to Incorporate Meditation Into Yoga

Meditation is integral to yoga. Physical yoga postures came into existence to prepare us to sit in stillness and experience higher states of awareness. In the science of yoga, sensory withdrawal, concentration, and meditation naturally follow the practice of working with the body and the breath.On a personal level, meditation...

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Teaching Meditation to Beginners

If meditation or concentration practices have transformed your life, it’s natural to want to facilitate a similar experience for others. However, meditation can seem intimidating - not only for those starting on the path but also for new teachers.In meditation, there’s no need (or place!) for doubt, uncertainty, or discomfort...

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