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Last updated on July 21st, 2023.

CBD Oil is a natural cannabinoid compound that comes from cannabis plants. It was used for thousands of years by ancestors for healing purposes. With the recent legalization of CBD oil, it has become a popular natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Now people are looking for the best places to buy some CBD oil online. 

What are the 11 best places to buy CBD oil online? There are places you can find online that sell high-quality CBD. They include:

There are a lot of companies that pop up with CBD oil on sale, so it can be hard to decide which place is best for buying CBD oil. It’s essential to make sure they are reputable companies that sell high-quality and toxic-free products. To make things easier for you, here are the top 11 places that are well-known for their high-quality CBD oil products.

Where You Can Find CBD Oil

The first thing you can do is go online and start looking for information. One way to do this is by reading articles and reviews to see which place online have excellent credentials. You can also check the seller’s website to learn about the extraction process and go through their lab results. 

1. Charlotte’s Web

Chances are you’ve heard of this brand once or twice. It’s because the company that created Charlotte’s Web was among the first to deliver high-quality medical-grade CBD oil. It started when the Stanely Brothers came across Charlotte Figi, a six-year-old who was experiencing up to fifty seizures a day. None of the pharmaceuticals were working, so the brothers developed a strain with high cannabidiol and low THC. 

Charlotte’s seizures slowed down dramatically, even in the first week of using the CBD oil. The Stanley brothers decided to name the strain after her. They still sell it on their website in different strengths and two flavors. Sometimes they will offer a bundle at a lower price. 

  • Based in the USA with American hemp
  • CBD isolate
  • High-quality (lab tested)
  • Popular brand
  • Price: high

2. Balance CBD

Balance CBD is a popular brand based in the USA that many people trust to deliver high-quality CBD oil. They carry products that are created without THC.

When you go online to look through their products, you’ll see some of them are referred to as “full-spectrum,” which means it’s a top-shelf quality blend with CBD oil and other beneficial compounds. They use a third-party lab to test and confirm the potency of their products. 

People like Balance CBD because of its reputation, and the 30-day money back guarantee. It helps that the products are GMO-free, organic, vegan, and kosher. They also sell a popular strain known as “Charlotte’s Web.”

  • USA based 
  • Extraction 
  • High-quality (lab tested)
  • Includes pets
  • Price: medium-high

3. Lazarus Naturals

What’s nice about Lazarus Naturals is they believe that CBD should be available to those who need it. As a result, they are an employee-owned and operated company that commits to giving back to the community by helping disabled veterans, low-come households, and people with long-term or permanent disabilities have access to CBD. 

Just because they are charitable doesn’t mean they don’t deliver high-quality products. It’s quite the opposite, they are known to harvest prime materials from approved fields and create high-quality products that have been tested by a third-party lab. 

They have a simple list where you can choose between 4 flavors. The downside is, the CBD is extracted using the ethanol process, whereas using the CO2 extraction method is preferred for higher quality oil. 

  • Based in the USA with American hemp
  • Ethanol extraction
  • Manufactures its own products
  • High-quality (lab tested)
  • Charitable 
  • Price: Reasonable

4. Green Roads

Green Roads is one of the most popular hemp companies online. They take pride in the fact that they use in-house quality inspectors to check all of their proprietary blend materials for quality, not just CBD. The results from the third-party lab can be found on their website. This Colorado brand obtains high-quality CBD oil by using the preferred CO2 extraction process.

This company provides a wide selection of strengths for CBD oils (with and without THC), ranging between 100mg and 3500mg. However, they use vegetable glycerin, and don’t seem to have a large selection when it comes to flavors, although some say the Apple Kiwi Bliss is quite good. Keep in mind that shipping may take a bit longer with this brand. 

  • USA based with American hemp
  • High-quality (lab tested)
  • Many strength options
  • Limited flavors
  • Price: Reasonable 

5. Birkshire CBD

Birkshire CBD emphasizes on the fact that they preserve the integrity of the cannabis plant when creating their high-quality line of extracts. Many customers like them because they provide excellent hemp strains at bargain prices. 

The materials come from premium fields, and they make sure the products go through rigorous testing to check for any pesticides, chemicals, metals, or toxins that may affect the quality. This way, their customers know they’re receiving one of the best organic CBD oils available.  

They use MCT oil instead of any other kind of oil. MCT oil carries its own benefits, it’s also known as “brain fuel.” 

  • Based in the USA with American organic hemp
  • CO2 extraction
  • High-quality (lab tested)
  • Limited flavors
  • Price: Reasonable

6. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a Florida-based brand that produces many different products. They are known for their potent products with unique names, like “CBD Pain Freeze,” and “CBD Syrup.” They’re also well-known for their potent CBD oils made with a 99% pure CBD isolate. 

What sets them apart from some of the other brands is they prefer to work with European-sourced hemp, instead of using US hemp. Their source supplies Grade A certified organic hemp raw material that is subjected to stricter regulations than American hemp. That means it will produce high-quality CBD oil that may be considered “purer.” 

This brand is not a “private labeler,” and actually manufactures its own products. The oils only come in two flavors, peppermint and watermelon, but they have different potencies. They also ship fast, and shipping is usually free for most states. 

  • European hemp
  • CBD isolate
  • Manufactures its products
  • High-quality (lab tested)
  • Different strength options
  • Limited flavors
  • Price: medium-high

7. PureKana

PureKana is an Arizona-based company that produces high quality non-intoxicating CBD oil that’s extracted from hemp in Kentucky. Like the other companies, they have a third-party lab produce test results to validate the quality of their products. 

Their goal is to provide premium CBD oil at affordable prices, so more people have access to them. They are known to have excellent customer service and can help you choose the product that is right for you. 

  • USA based
  • CO2 extraction
  • High-quality (lab tested)
  • Price: Medium

8. Medterra

Medterra is a company that works from seed to plant to deliver a chemical and toxin-free CBD oil. They have a medical advisory board to ensure they develop high-quality THC-free products that are made with 99% pure CBD. 

They use industrial hemp, not marijuana. This way, they can guarantee their products contain no THC. 

  • Located in America, Europe, and Spain
  • CO2 extraction and CBD isolate
  • High-quality (lab tested)
  • Includes pets
  • Price: Reasonable

9. CBDistillery

CBDistillery was started by a small group of people that lived in Colorado who wanted to help people have better access to quality products without paying a hefty price. So, they established a mission to educate the public, and a #CBDMovement, while providing resources for CBD products. 

Their CBD oil tinctures come in different kinds of strengths (with or without THC) to suit different needs. They even have CBD oil that was created just for pets with 600mg. 

  • Based in the USA
  • CO2 Extraction
  • High-quality (lab tested)
  • Includes pets
  • Price: Reasonable

10. Ananda Hemp

What makes Ananda Hemp unique is the fact that they are certified to grow their own domestic hemp by the Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture. They are very involved in the manufacturing process. If you buy CBD oil from them, then you’ll be buying oil that is made with Ananda hemp flower extract. 

The extract is also combined with hemp seed oil, MCT oil, and a botanical terpene blend. The plant geneticists and farmers work together with the company as a team to control the products, from “seed to plant, “which results in high-quality CBD oils. The downside is that it only comes in one strength, 600mg, and the third-party testing results are only available after the product is purchased.

  • Based in the USA with American hemp
  • CO2 extraction
  • Manufactures their products
  • High-quality (lab tested)
  • Limited strength and flavors
  • Price: medium-high

11. CBD Essence

CBD Essence is a part of a company called NutraHemp group, with a mission to create products that can help with attention disorders, anxiety, and/or aggression.

 Their oils come in 8 different flavor choices that are sugar-free, which can be good for people with diabetes. They also create CBD oil and products for pets.  

A CO2 extraction method is used, which is a big plus. The downside is their oils only come in two sizes, 1oz with 300mg and 2 oz. with 600 mg. The potency may not be as high when compared to other brands on this list. 

  • Based in the USA
  • CO2 extraction
  • High-quality (lab tested)
  • Limited strength options
  • Many flavors
  • Price: medium-high

What Is CBD Oil Good For?

CBD oil has healing properties that have been proven to help with some ailments. Even though the science on cannabis is relatively new, and there are no claims it will cure or treat a disease, there is evidence that shows it can help with:

  • Pain management
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression
  • Seizures
  • Parkinson
  • Cancer symptoms
  • Skin issues
  • Heart health

It may help to understand the benefits of CBD oil when trying to decide which CBD oil is best suited for you. 

1.Pain Management

People have been known to use CBD oil to treat pain instead of opioids. After all, cannabis was used to treat pain thousands of years ago. Scientists found that CBD is capable of:

  • Impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Interacts with neurotransmitters in the body

When CBD enters the body and interacts with the receptor activity, it can decrease the sensation of pain. As a result, many patients have testified that they were able to successfully treat pain in their bodies with CBD. It doesn’t only help the receptors; it also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help heal inflamed areas. 

THC-free CBD oil has given people an option that may help them avoid becoming dependent on pain medications and opioids. CBD oil has also been known to help patients wean off of their pain medications if they’ve already been on them for a long time.


CBD has been shown to improve symptoms associated with anxiety by interacting with neurotransmitters in the brain. There are people who have reported feeling calmer shortly after applying the oil. Some of them use CBD oil before bed as a sleeping aid. It helps them fall asleep faster and stay asleep without much anxiety. 

It’s not limited to humans. There have been many cases where CBD oil was used as a calming tool to help treat pets with anxiety or separation issues. Ask your veterinarian for more information. 

In fact, veterans are being offered a chance to use CBD to treat symptoms associated with PTSD. San Diego VA announced that they received funding to do a study where veterans are given CBD to treat their PTSD. So far, the results are promising. 


Some studies show when the CBD is consumed as instructed, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) within the brain, and it can improve some symptoms associated with depression. Researchers found that a 300-mg dose of CBD was effective at reducing anxiety during a stressor test. 

Many patients noticed a difference in their mood when they use CBD oil, and believe that CBD can be used as an antidepressant. Some people prefer to use it occasionally as a calming tool. THC and CBD oil can also help ease chronic pain that may come with depression. 

The science hasn’t been settled on CBD oil and depression, because the research information is still fairly new. Since more research is needed, it is advisable to be cautious when using CBD for mental health maintenance. 


The calming effects of CBD can also be useful for seizures. There have been many reports and claims of CBD oil slowing down the frequency and severity of seizures. 

In fact, this was probably one of the first noticeable benefits of CBD that caught people’s attention (remember Charlotte Figi). A pharmaceutical journal reported that purified CBD reduced seizures in childhood epilepsy by approximately 50%. This benefit is one of the main reasons why CBD oil was made legal. 

Usually, neurologists try anti-seizure medications first, and if they are not successful, then they’ll give the green light to try CBD oil. It’s generally reserved as a last resort because the science behind it is still new. That may change as more studies come out with evidence that shows CBD oil helps with seizures.

Keep in mind that not all strains work for seizures, there are certain strains that people or pets respond to better than others. For example, Charlotte’s Web strain has become famous for easing the symptoms associated with seizures. 


People with Parkinson’s disease deal with movements that you see in seizuers. The difference is with Parkinson disease, the movements last longer. The movements include:

  • Muscle spasms
  • Shaky motions
  • Tremors

Since CBD oil is known for calming seizures, some people started experimenting with it to treat Parkinson’s symptoms and found that the tremors improved in most cases. Here’s a video lapse of a retired police officer using it to treat his Parkinson’s tremors and dyskinesia. 

More research is needed, but so far there are studies that show CBD has beneficial properties that seem to relax the muscles and nerves. 

6.Cancer Symptoms

There is no irrefutable claim that it cures cancer, but many cancer patients have reported an improvement with some of their symptoms. For example, their nausea is reduced after using CBD oil. Some of them claim it helps provide comfort when used along with modern medicine for pain management. 

More often than not, cancer patients prefer to use “full-spectrum” premium CBD oil, to get the highest quality possible. The THC compounds can be beneficial for alleviating symptoms associated with cancer. You may need to try a few strains before settling on one that you feel is right for you. Some companies offer samples if you inquire about it. 

7.Skin Issues

There are some instances where CBD oil helped with skin ailments, like eczema. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil provides relief on the skin from:

  • Red spots
  • Itchy spots
  • Angry spots 

There have been reports of CBD oil tinctures or infused lotions clearing up severe cases of eczema. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD could alleviate acne symptoms and reduce skin scarring. Some people use topical ointment with CBD oil. And others use the oil-on-oil method, where they use an oil carrier of some kind to clean their face. In the past, the most popular type was jojoba oil, but CBD oil has become a new favorite. 

8.Heart Health

Recent studies found that CBD has benefits that could help lower high blood pressure. In these studies, they found that patients responded well to 600mg of CBD oil, and they experienced a small blood pressure increase during stress tests, instead of a large blood pressure increase that normally takes place without CBD oil. 

The stress-reducing benefits of CBD has the potential of reducing the risk of heart damage in the long run. However, it is not recommended for anyone who is taking heart medications. If you want to try CBD oil, it would be best to contact your medical physician about any possible medication interaction. 

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil to Work For Joint Pain?

It’s not uncommon for people to try and treat their joint pain with CBD oil. The effects are usually felt within 30 minutes- 1 hour as the CBD interacts with the receptors in the central nervous system. This may provide immediate relief. 

 After about two weeks, you may see more improvement at the site of soreness due to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. This may be helpful with arthritis

Some brands sell CBD oil that is designed with joint pain in mind. You can read the reviews and ask questions to determine which one is best suited for your needs. Here are some tips

Does CBD Really Do Anything?

There’s a disclaimer on most of the websites to remind customers that the products are not designed to treat or cure medical ailments. The disclaimer is posted to protect the companies from liability. However, many studies have come forward that show CBD oil can be beneficial. It really depends on how it is used and what it is used for. 

There are many different strains available, so not all CBD oil strains are the same. Therefore, these strains have slightly different compounds that may ease some symptoms better than others. If you feel that CBD oil is not working for you, maybe it’s time to talk to customer service (or an expert) about trying a different strain. 

Several shops offer samples, so people can try different strains to see which works best for them. If you are interested in trying a sample before purchasing a bottle of CBD oil, try to contact the shop and see if they will send you some. 

Will It Show Up on A Drug Test?

It depends on the percentage of THC. If the CBD oil was made with trace amounts of THC that is lower than 0.3%, then it won’t show up on a drug test. You can check the lab results of the CBD oil before purchasing it. 

When you buy a CBD oil that is considered “full-spectrum,” and with a significant amount of THC, there is a possibility of the drug test turning positive. The chances are increased if you consume it almost daily.

To avoid a drug test from turning positive, be sure you buy CBD oil without any THC. If you are still unsure about the THC levels, you can contact customer service for the brand. They’ll be more than happy to help you.

Does CBD Oil Make You High?

Again, it depends on the percentage of the THC within the CBD oil. If it has a THC level below 0.3%, then it cannot make you high. Most people don’t report feeling anything unless it is a “full-spectrum” oil with a strong potency of THC. 

It is not recommended to go over 40mg CBD for your first dose or keep adding more drops if you don’t feel anything after a few minutes. Instead, it would be better to start small at first and gradually work your way up as you become accustomed to the CBD oil. 

Is CBD Oil Safe?

CBD oil is 100% natural, especially if it is GMO-free and naturally treated with no toxic chemicals. There have been no reports of severe adverse reactions to CBD oil, except for some allergies. Most of the time, the allergies are related to the oil or compounds used to fraction the CBD. 

It’s always a good idea to be cautious and make sure you are not allergic to the product before consuming it regularly. One way to check is by putting a small amount of the product on your skin to see if a rash appears. 

CBD oil is generally considered safe for consumption. It would take enormous quantities of CBD oil to see any serious side effects. Of course, just because it is generally regarded as safe doesn’t mean you should take more than the recommended dose, even Tylenol can be dangerous if you ingest too much. 

Watch for any symptoms such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in weight
  • Fatigue
  • Hives

If you experience any of the above, then discontinue use and seek medical attention. Symptoms of hives or swelling are usually a sign of an allergy. It’s best to follow instructions and contact customer service for your brand if you have any questions.

CBD Oil and The Liver

Some people wonder if CBD oil is bad for the liver. This concern came about when a study came out with evidence that high doses of CBD can be harmful to the liver. However, other experts say that this research was in early stages with mice, and the amount of CBD used was excessive. 

The study in question shows that the mice were exposed to far higher levels than most people. It would be like a person consuming 1300mg of CBD per day, when the usual average is between 10 to 80mg a day. 

As with any medicine, excessive usage can lead to an undesired consequence. It’s always best to be safe and follow the instructions that come with it. CBD oil shouldn’t be any different. If you follow the directions for therapeutic benefits, then your liver won’t be overwhelmed and can process the products effectively. 

On the other hand, if you suffer from fatty liver disease, CBD oil may be beneficial. A large study was performed with 22,366 patients, where they studied the effects of CBD oil on fatty liver disease. They found that the CBD reduced the chances of developing fatty liver disease, and slowed it down considerably, by restoring balance to the endocannabinoid system within the liver. 

Fatty liver disease happens when inflammation takes place from fats being deposited into the liver. This process creates multiple scar tissue that will eventually lead to serious issues that could result in liver failure. There is no known cure for fatty liver disease. 

Keep in mind that there are some situations where CBD can interact with other prescription drugs, so if you take any medications and want to try CBD, you should ask a medical physician first. They can also help answer questions about your liver and address any other concerns you may have. 

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