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Last updated on December 1st, 2023.


How do we get back into balance with the natural energy within our bodies?  What is the right amount of focus on our nourishment, breathing, movement and relaxation?  Is it possible to consciously and intentionally maneuver our bodies and minds into a place of healing with Energy?  

This article covers some of the best Energy Healing Courses available online.  Energy healing courses have become increasingly popular in the wellness space in the last few years as there has been an upsurge of young people interested in wellness.

We’ve put in the time and research to bring you the top 10 energy healing courses online. With these courses come our recommendations for the best ways to learn energy healing through the connected medium of the internet.  

Our top recommended online energy healing courses are:

    1. Energy Healing Techniques for Beginners
    2. The Energy Healing Summit 
    3. Meditation for Deep Healing
    4. The Vital Energy Program
    5. International Open Academy: Crystal Healing
    6. Chakra Healing Certificate Course
    7. mindbodygreen: Reiki Healing 101
    8. Academy of Energy Healing
    9. Reiki Infinite Healer
    10. LifeForce Energy Healing

These are recommended based on cost, course details, certification, instructors, credibility and length of course.

Although we will outline the top 10 energy healing courses offered online in this article, we will also talk about what Reiki is, how to tell if you are a healer, among many more energy healing questions. We will cover the cost of certification and courses, as well as how much you will earn as an energy healer.

Article Topics

What is energy healing?

Energy takes the knowledge of the body’s energy centers to activate the body’s energy systems and remove blocks. Healers are able to break through the energetic blocks in the body to enable the body to heal itself. Energy healing is based on scientific principles that explain how we are all made up of molecules that are vibrating at all times.

Energy healing intends to raise the vibration of the molecules in the body. By vibrating at a higher frequency, the body can better heal itself and interact with its surroundings. An energy healer’s role is to bring the body’s energy centers into balance to improve the health and wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. They help clients heal from a wide range of ailments like:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Infertility
  • Chronic pain
  • Fatigue

Energy healing practices can include a variety of tools and techniques, including:

  • Reiki – A practice that targets the energy fields that surround the body.
  • Acupuncture – A practice where tiny needles are inserted into the skin to balance energy.
  • Reflexology – A practice where someone applies pressure to specific points of the hands and feet that correspond with the organs and systems of the body.
  • Lymphatic draining and massage – Massages based on the idea that they can create natural drainage of the lymph nodes to reduce toxins in the body.
  • Meditation – A practice of mindfulness to achieve a mentally clear and calm state of mind.

These are common ways to receive energy healing and are also practices in which you can be trained to offer energy healing services.

The Top 10 Energy Healing Courses Online

When looking into becoming certified in as an energy healer, many do not consider that taking online courses is a great tool. For many energy healing techniques, you do not need to do hands-on training or learn from an instructor in person. Here are our top 10 online energy healing courses.

Below you will find a list of courses with approximate pricing based on what is currently listed, keep in mind that all pricing is subject to change and may be different depending on when you access the course.

1. Energy Healing Techniques for Beginners

Sura Flow offers an online energy healing course designed for beginners who are looking to deepen their meditation practices. They state that their course is best for people who are:

      • Interested in developing a deeper awareness of energy to further develop their own meditation practices.
      • Interested in spirituality and how it can work in your life as well as the nature of healing.
      • Interested in working with others in the health and healing industries by providing services.

This course will teach participants how to harness and cultivate their own energy, meditation techniques, mindfulness, and utilization of energy for healing and manifestation. The tools learned in this course can be applied to your own life, relationships, work, and fitness.

The cost of enrollment for this program is approximately $40 but is subject to change.

2. The Energy Healing Summit

This energy healing course may be one of the most comprehensive out there.  The Energy Healing Summit is a course offered by Sounds True. This course brings 30 of the world’s leading experts in energy healing together to teach future energy healers. The course is an intensive 10 days in which some of the best teachers will offer wisdom into the healing traditions of Eastern, Western, ancient, and modern medicine.

Each session is 75 minutes and the total cost of the program is approximately $300, however they are often running specials where the program is as much as 75% off.  There is a total of 30 sessions in the course that you will work through, and this program gives you the option to upgrade to gain lifetime access to the courses so that you can continually refresh your memory and continue learning more information.

The option to revisit your courses is a huge benefit to this program, and it also comes with three bonuses. One bonus course, an evening energy meditation, and gifts from all 30 of the program’s teachers. Including more teachings, articles, and practical information to apply during your learning.

3. Meditation for Deep Healing

The sixth course we recommend is also offered by Sura Flow and is a Meditation for Deep Healing course. This is a 21-day online course that is centered around healing chronic stress, pain, and illness.  A primary outcome and focus for this course is also increased energy, inner balance and clarity.  

Unlike traditional Reiki Energy Healing and Training, this course is centered around harnessing the benefits of meditation to improve your overall quality of life.

The cost for this program is approximately $200 and is designed more specifically for health professionals who want to learn additional information about energy healing and mediation. This course is taught through video content, daily 30 to 45 minute guided mediation videos, and live Q&A videos every day. You will receive 19+ hours of video instruction from Sura for this course.

4. The Vital Energy Program

The Vital Energy Program is offered by Sounds True Waking Up The World. This is an audiobook download that was created by Susan Taylor for teaching people how to masters their body’s energy cycles for optimal health.

Through this course, Dr. Taylor will show you how to work with your metabolism in the context of the four key body principles of energy: nourishment, breathing, movement, and relaxation.

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • How to optimize your energy through what you eat and when you eat it
  • Special breathing principles that directly influence your nervous system, yielding a new ability to think clearly and quickly, while reducing stress levels
  • Specific exercises to circulate and cleanse stagnated energy, revitalizing every organ in your body, and much more

This course costs approximately $40 and can be downloaded and begun immediately after purchase.

5. International Open Academy: Crystal Healing

Explore the fascinating world of crystal healing and alternative medicine with this comprehensive online course, led by expert holistic therapist and writer Angie Droulias. Whether you aspire to become a crystal healing practitioner or simply wish to incorporate crystals into your everyday life for improved well-being, this course offers a wealth of knowledge and practical techniques to get you started on your crystal healing journey. With accessible, on-demand learning, you can study from anywhere at your convenience, discovering everything you need to know about the art and science of Crystal Healing.

Course highlights

  • Learn how to select and charge crystals effectively for healing purposes
  • Discover the power of crystal meditation and its benefits for holistic well-being
  • Gain insights into aural healing, meditation, and Feng Shui to enhance your crystal healing practices
  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge from Angie Droulias, a certified holistic therapist with expertise in Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Shamanic Healing

Who is this course for

  • Individuals intrigued by crystals, alternative medicine, or holistic practices
  • Anyone seeking to enhance their overall health and well-being through crystal healing
  • Yoga, meditation, or natural therapy enthusiasts aiming to integrate crystals into their practices

Career opportunities

Upon completing the Crystal Healing course, you can explore various rewarding career paths, including:

  • Crystal Healing Practitioner
  • Crystal Therapist
  • Alternative Medicine Professional
  • Stress and Depression Relief Specialist
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Counselor
  • Entrepreneur in the Buying and Selling of Crystals

About Angie Droulias

Angie Droulias is a certified writer and Holistic Therapist with a specialization in Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Shamanic Healing. With extensive experience in Teaching (ESL) and curriculum preparation for both online and offline settings, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her holistic practices. Based in the English South-West countryside with her husband, Angie spends her time writing, collecting crystals, immersing herself in nature, and providing healing services to those in need.

6. Chakra Healing Certificate Course - Effective Energy Healing

This is a great course offered through Udemy.  The Chakra Certification Course  focuses on the fundamentals of Chakra and provides examples and understanding into how to focus and unblock your Chakras.

Upon the completion of the course you’ll receive a Chakra Healing Certificate of Completion.

Some of the items covered in this course are:

  • Use my Chakra micro-meditations for fast healing
  • Understand Chakra basics
  • Learn the physical and emotional connection of your Chakras
  • Understand what issues manifest from blocked Chakras
  • Be able to identify where the Chakra blockages are in your body
  • Know how to quickly focus and unblock your Chakras
  • Utilise my “All Chakras” meditation for ongoing ‘maintenance’ of your mind, body and soul
  • Be able to intertwine these techniques into any other healing modality you may already do (eg. Reiki, massage, etc)
  • Be able to help guide others in the same process.

This is a great course for overall understanding of energy healing, focused on Chakras, and will help springboard not only you both those around you into a better place of healing and living.

7. mindbodygreen: Reiki Healing 101

The Reiki Healing 101 class from mindbodygreen is designed to help you navigate the world of energy healing. In this immersive experience, you’ll deep dive into the fundamentals, history, and evolution of reiki healing, facilitated by the expertise of Kelsey J. Patel, a renowned spiritual empowerment coach and healer. This class offers a roadmap to decrease stress, restore balance, and breakthrough negative energy patterns that may be holding you back.

Through energy-shifting meditations and exercises, you’ll enhance your self-awareness, foster a deeper connection with your inner self, and align yourself spiritually. With lifetime access to the program, you can explore and revisit these transformative teachings whenever you need. 

From understanding the basics of chakras to creating your personalized energy healing practice, this class is your stepping stone to a life of vibrant well-being and harmonious connection with yourself and others.

What’s included

      • Six modules and 29 video lessons
      • A deep dive into the fundamentals, history, and evolution of reiki healing
      • A comprehensive guide to accessing new portals within your mind, body, and spirit
      • A series of energy-shifting meditations and exercises

Class Outline

      • Getting started on your journey
      • The history of reiki & the “how” of energy work
      • Reiki & EFT
      • Getting connected to your life force energy
      • Takeaways & your new daily practice
      • Easy access to mindfulness exercises

Here is an opportunity to unlock the power of reiki precepts and learn the four levels of reiki training. Whether you’re new to reiki or have a burgeoning interest in energy healing and EFT, this class is tailor-made.

8. The Academy of Energy Healing

The second course is offered through the Academy of Energy Healing. This course for becoming a certified energy healer will give you an internationally recognized Certificate in Energy Healing which is important for those looking to gain employment in energy healing or get insurance for their energy healing business.

This course delivers on-demand online content and live webinars for six months; however, there is no time limit for completing the course. The course does ask that you join your trainer once per month for a group healing session and workshop. The content available to you will be live for six months, however, you could complete the course in as little as one month.

The price of this energy healing course is approximately $290, but is subject to change.

9. Reiki Infinite Healer

Reiki Infinite Healer is a course created by certified Reiki master, Dave Nelson. This course can help you to decrease any pain, anxiety, and negative emotions you’re experiencing in your life while giving you the opportunity to experience healing others. Additionally, by completing this course you will have a better understanding of your own body and the energy you carry.

This course gives students the ability to take on their reiki certification at their own pace and at an affordable price. The registration fee for this program is approximately $50. On top of the cost of the program, you will receive:

  • The Reiki level one manual
  • The Reiki level two manual
  • The Reiki level three manual
  • A full-body healing techniques video
  • A soundtrack to play while practicing reiki that is comprised of two hours of music
  • Hand position flashcards to aid in your practice and memorization
  • Email support from Dave Nelson
  • And upon completion, you will receive certifications for all three levels of reiki

This course also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for all purchases so that you are able to try the program risk-free!

10. Lifeforce Energy Healing

The LifeForce Energy Healing course is offered by Deborah King. This program is centered around awakening the mind, body, and spirit to your true life purpose. In this course, you will learn how to manipulate the energy field for your own use as well as future use on clients. The healing course follows the steps, attract, conduct and direct to conduct energy healing.

The course is made up of 12 online lessons and costs approximately $200 to sign up. Each lesson will walk you through a different element in energy healing. You will learn about chakra healing, breathwork training, and hands-on healing methods. Along with the course you will be supported through a Facebook group where you can connect with other students.

You will also be able to join in on Soul Family video calls with students that happen monthly to help support students and further learning.

How do you become a certified energy healer?

Becoming a certified energy healer takes more than feeling the pull toward the profession. Before you can practice, there are a few things you’ll need to do first.  Below are general descriptions of what it takes.  There are tons of resources online and the field of meditation, energy healing, meditation music and yogic lifestyle practices in general is just growing.  

We hope you find the info below valuable and good luck on your journey!


The first step to becoming an energy healer is meeting the education requirements for whatever sector of healing you choose to pursue. Many individuals who are looking to gain information on energy healing already have healthcare education under their belt. This includes acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and counselors.  

There are many options for getting educated as an energy healer. For example, if you are going to school to become a medical doctor, you can take complementary and alternative medicine courses to learn about energy healing and diversify your expertise. This also ensures you are reaching your end goal of being a practicing doctor with energy healing certification the most efficiently.

For those who just want to be an energy healer and practice something like massage therapy, there are faster ways to get your certification as these fields don’t need a bachelor’s or advanced degree. Instead, you would just need some postsecondary vocational training.

The curriculum you will cover during an energy healing course will include:

  • History and theory of energy medicine
  • Perception of energy fields the body holds
  • Different techniques of energy healing

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Courses

Complimentary and alternative medicine is a term used for medical practices that are not a part of standard medical care. These classes teach students how to combine Western medicine with energy healing. These courses are beneficial for students who are going into the healthcare field and know that they also want to practice energy healing.

Complimentary medicine is not considered to be standard treatment but is used with standard practices, such as using acupuncture to help heal the symptoms of different ailments.

Alternative medicine is a treatment used instead of traditional medical treatments, such as using Reiki to help heal anxiety and depression rather than turning to medication.

Certification Programs

Without a standard credential system, people who want to become an energy healer could benefit from earning a nationally recognized certification. This is to help them demonstrate competency in their services.

The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology is an accredited organization that offers two designations:

  • Certified Energy Health Practitioner
  • Diplomate, Comprehensive Energy Psychology


Once you have your education completed, you will need to obtain licensing, depending on the type of energy therapy you are offering. For example, reiki practitioners do not usually require licensing. Whereas, massage therapists do require licensing and registration with the state you are practicing in.

This is a case where you need to check with your state if reiki is considered a type of massage therapy. Before gaining your certification in energy healing, you will also need to complete a training program for a specific energy therapy. You can also seek out an apprenticeship program from a professional in the field.

You will need to complete a training or apprenticeship program in order to gain your certification. Some certifications will require that you attend hands-on workshops, including the CEHP or DCEP in which you must perform at least 50 energy therapy treatment sessions in order to be eligible for certification.

Depending on the state you are in, you may need to adhere to specific guidelines that are aimed toward unlicensed complementary and alternative medicine practitioners. Some states do not require you to be licensed but do require you to make sure the patient’s rights are distinctly posted.

Maintaining your License

Once you have completed your certification program and are a practicing professional, you must ensure you maintain your license and certification. Depending on what state you practice in, you will need to renew your license every couple of years. Be sure to check how often your state requires renewals so that you can maintain your license.

In some states, when you recertify, you may need to take an additional course to continue your education and learn whatever may be new in your field. Again, be sure you are aware of what your state requires so that if you have to take additional units of education, you are prepared for that when the time comes.

If you are certified through an accredited course like the Association for Comprehensive (ACEP) Energy Psychology, you will be required to complete a minimum of 12 units of continuing education coursework every two years. 

Market Yourself

Once you have gone through the education courses and have obtained your license, it is time to get out there and start working your magic on clients. To do this, you need to market yourself. A great way to do this is to create a website or social media page where people can easily find and contact you.

If you are connected with a professional organization, like the ACEP, then you will be able to submit your material to one of their journals. By using this professional platform, energy therapists can draw attention to their work to gain popularity.

How much money does an energy healer make?

The salary of energy healers can differ greatly depending on where they work. Some energy healers work for larger wellness companies or massage studios where salary is a bit more set, while others work in private practice where they are more able to set their rates. However, the average practitioner can make as much as $100 per one hour energy healing session.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, the average annual salary for energy healing therapists is about $41,420. While ZipRecruiter has averaged the energy healing salary at $64,196 nationwide. On ZipRecruiter, you can look at the range of salaries and what the average salary is in your area, click here to access that information.

These ranges will help you estimate how much you are likely to make if you make energy healing your full time career; however, keep in mind that salary is dependent on where you are working, hours, and the kind of energy healing services you are offering to patients. A great way to make extra money is to offer distance healing services to customers who are not in your area.

Energy Healing Insurance

Energy healers work to provide their clients with peace of mind and a sense of healing, but unfortunately, accidents may happen, and you never know how a client may react during a session. But if you are working with energy, how could an accident possibly happen?

Several accidents could happen, such as:

  • A client could fall off the table
  • They could faint and hit their head
  • A client can claim that the session made them sick

So, because of these reasons, it is beneficial to have liability insurance. If you do not have insurance, any legal fees would come out of your pocket if something like this were to happen.

Additionally, some states require that you have liability insurance to practice energy healing. Luckily, a reiki practitioner’s insurance is more affordable than other types of insurances. It’ll typically cost between $85 and $145 per year.

Depending on the energy healing organization you go through, they may provide you with liability insurance or give you a discount on insurance.

Reducing Risks

If you choose not to have insurance, or you just want to take extra precautions, there are ways you can reduce the risk of an accident happening and protect you from any lawsuits or adverse claims.

  • Make sure your client knows your exact medical designation. If you are not a medical doctor, do not let them believe you are. Make it clear that you are a reiki practitioner.
  • You have legal agreement to keep things private if a client consents to a written session where they are sharing any sensitive information.
  • Notify the client that the session may include “laying on of the hands.”
  • Get permission to put your hands or an object, like a stone, on their body.
  • Get permission before going over the breast and groin area.

Don’t guarantee them they will be healed.

How can you tell if you are a healer?

There are a number of ways you will be able to tell if you are meant to be a healer and if this is a profession you should pursue. Many healers have said that they knew they were meant to join the field because they had a sense that they were meant to participate in a global shift in consciousness.

Often times healers feel very connected to spirituality, and the suffering of people, animals, and nature. This is often a motivation to get into energy healing, to relieve any pain or suffering in the world. If you feel you are a highly intuitive individual and truly enjoy helping people, you are likely to be drawn to be a healer.

Some characteristics that are common among healers include:

  • You’re sensitive
  • You enjoy being alone and may be introverted
  • You’re intuitive
  • You are aware of your energy and the energy of the world
  • You enjoy helping other people
  • Healing people excites you
  • You are empathetic
  • You are highly creative
  • You are highly spiritual, more so than religious

Most importantly, if you do not feel you fit all of the characteristics on the above list, but feel as though you are passionate about becoming an energy healer, then you are likely called to the profession. A major sign you are meant to be an energy healer is if you feel you are drawn to learning how to be an energy healer, then you are likely a healer. 

Everyone has a little bit of healing within themselves. So, if you are being drawn to the idea of it, give it a try. Ask yourself how this information makes you feel. If you are skeptical and don’t believe in the idea of energies, then it may not be for you. But if you find this article interesting and you want to learn more, you may just be a healer.

Can Anyone be a Healer?

Anyone who has the passion and drive to learn about energy healing and become certified, can be an energy healer. Learning about the history of energy healing and the kind of healing you want to be providing people, will ensure you are making the biggest impact as a healer.

While anybody can be a healer, be sure before you begin the energy healing certification journey that you are sure about which route to pursue. When it comes to choosing energy healing as a career, you could get involved in massage therapy, reiki, meditation, among many other areas of expertise. 

If you have the time and means to complete training and certification, and the drive to get a job in the industry and keep up with your certification, you can be a successful healer! Anyone can be a healer if they put the time and energy needed into truly helping other people with their pain and energy misalignment.

When you become a healer, clients will be putting their trust in you to help them. If you are not confident in your work and are not a believer, then you are not giving the client what they are looking for, and they may not get the results they could achieve. This could deter someone away from reiki even though it could be beneficial to their health. 

Anyone can become a healer, but it is the firm believers that are successful at getting results.

(If you are interested in energy healing, then you may also be interested in checking out some examples of duality! And if you really want to dive into duality, you should read this duality course review!)

What is Reiki?

Reiki originated in Japan and is a tradition of energy healing. The study of reiki dates back to the 20th century, although the seven chakras were first described in ancient Hindu texts. The chakras are energy transmission centers of the body and are distributed throughout your body from the top of your head down to your pelvis.

Reiki practitioners work by channeling positive energy into the body of their patients. This is done by placing their hands on their patients in whatever area is affected or out of alignment. This offers a healing boost to the patient and gives energy to the areas of the body that are most in need at the time.

Reiki can aid in relaxation for patients while assisting their bodies in the natural healing processes. Since reiki boosts the body’s natural ability to heal itself, it also brings patients the ability to develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. This aids in relieving emotional stress and overall improving quality of life.

Reiki brings so many benefits to those who get treatments, which is why many people will opt to get treatments done every one to two weeks. However, once you are feeling good and aligned, it is recommended and most common to get treatments done every four to six weeks as a practice in self-care.

Can you really learn Reiki online?

You can absolutely learn reiki online! There are endless resources for learning reiki and other energy healing mediums online. The internet can be a very helpful tool for learning these skills because you can study many of the ideals on your own time. This allows you to learn about the history of reiki and the ideals that come with the practice from the comfort of your home.

While you can complete these courses online, it is recommended that before you become a practicing reiki healer, you gain hands-on experience. This is especially important if you plan to practice reiki as a full-time job in which you are seeing patients in person. This is ideal because it can take some time to apply what you know to the hands-on experience needed to be successful.

If you simply learn all the reiki ideals from the internet without ever practicing on a human or animal body, it will take you some time to really feel comfortable and effective when you begin your practices. However, if you only intend to utilize reiki for your own purposes or distance healing, not having any hands-on experience may be sufficient for your needs.

How much does Reiki certification cost?

Reiki certification ranges in cost depending on what level you are hoping to be certified in. Reiki level one training is generally $200 for certification, while level two is usually around $275. If you are looking to complete a Reiki master program, that can cost upwards of $1,600 and take more than a year to complete.

The levels of training differ in how in-depth your knowledge will be. The higher level you are, the more honed your skills will be. With your simple level one training you will still learn history, philosophy, learn the three pillars of reiki, and all the healing methods. As you learn reiki you will learn the hand placements and all of the techniques to use with children, plants, animals.

Keep in mind, in order to get your reiki two training done or your master training, you have to complete level one first. Once you’ve completed your level one training and move to level two, you will get your attunement for level two and learn more techniques for healing.

Oftentimes, providers will offer a special price if you do level one and two together. Likely, it will be around $450 to complete your level one and two training at the same time. Once you have completed your training, you will get a certificate and be able to practice reiki in any capacity whether you hope to use it for your own benefit or to treat others.

Final Thoughts on Best Energy Healing Courses

Deciding to take the journey of becoming an energy healer is an exciting decision! Since you have reviewed the pay, process for getting your certification, and possible traits that wil make you an excellent healer, you are ready to choose the right online course.

Taking the first step to becoming an energy healer can be easy once you know which online course is right for you. When further researching our top 10 suggested courses, consider your lifestyle and what you hope to get out of your course. Considering the cost of the course and how long it will take to complete is important to be sure the course fits in with your life.

Once you have narrowed down based on cost and length, look at what each course is going to offer you. Are you going to be certified after? Who is teaching the program and do you have a specific teacher you hope to work with on your energy healing journey?

Looking at the layout of the course and the material you will be covering can help you to identify if you will be learning the information you are hoping to and get you prepared for the course.

(If you want to learn how to manage your emotional energy and elevate your frequency, then this next article is for you!)

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