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Last updated on August 29th, 2023.

Obtaining a Health Science degree is a smart play for anyone looking to level up their employment game. Degrees in the field are in high demand, and the workers make a decent amount of money. So what are the five best Health Science degrees online?

The 5 best Health Science degrees online are:

  1. Northwestern State University of Louisiana
  2. Rutgers University
  3. Florida Gulf Coast University
  4. Northern Kentucky University
  5. West Texas A&M University

A Health Sciences degree will give you a career in the health field without meeting with patients. Instead, you will work on the fringes in pharmaceutical sales or machine repair while supporting nurses and doctors from the wings of the clinic. So read on and learn everything you need to know about the five best Health Science degrees online.

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Is a Health Science Degree Worth it?

Health Science degrees and the demand for workers are rising. As more health problems attack the population each year, the wages for the workers in the medical field are growing. Getting a degree could cost you $140k for a four-year diploma. Salaries in professional Health Science can range from $45k to $90k per year.

Are Online Science Degrees Respected?

There aren’t any clinical degrees in Health Science. This means that you won’t deal with patients. You work in support of clinics. The degrees are respected if the student has done their work. Nurses and doctors can tell if someone takes their degree and profession seriously. Degrees are respected because they are earned.

How Can I Make the Most Money With a Health Science Degree?

The best way to make a ton of cash in the Health Science game is to be a pharmaceutical sales representative. You see these smartly-dressed reps knocking on doctor’s office doors, towing a snazzy briefcase on wheels filled with new chemical concoctions to help patients heal and live their best lives.

The Five Best Health Science Degrees Online

Be sure you have done your homework before moving into the school selection phase of your search. Know which classes you want to take and what concentration you plan to pursue. Eliminate any guesswork by making notes or a spreadsheet to store your pros and cons for each school.

1. Northwestern State University of Louisiana is an Excellent Health Science School

When it comes to long names, NSULA has the game whipped. Not only do they have an impressive name, but they have a variety of Health Sciences degrees that will allow students to reach their dreams of working in the medical field.

A few things that stand out about Northwestern State University of Louisiana are:

  • Tuition – A huge reason people choose NSULA is the cheap tuition. They have an average class cost of about $375 an hour. These rates are some of the lowest in the Health Science field and should not be passed up.
  • Accreditation – Knowing that your school has an accreditation means they have followed a curriculum that allows you to take the most highly-coveted jobs. An accredited diploma is as good as gold when searching for your dream job.

There will always be little hoops to jump through, especially when attending college. Make sure that NSULA is for you before applying. Remember that college applications will cost the student, not the school.

2. Rutgers has a Trusted Name and a Fantastic Health Sciences Program

The Health Professional school at Rutgers is one of the best in the country. They offer students different options in the Health Sciences field, and Rutgers is known as a school with some deep ties to the medical world.

A few things that make Rutgers stand out are:

  • Ranking – The Health Sciences program at Rutgers is ranked number one in the nation by several web pages. Their classes offer three separate tracks into the field and give the student several workplace options from sales to repairs.
  • Psychiatric Program – What makes the Rutgers program so likable is its inside track to work in behavioral health. It is a good way for people to get their foot in the door and advance toward working as a counselor.

Rutgers is a very prestigious school. They have some very famous alumni who have gone on to be successful in the medical field and many other areas. The school can be trusted to have excellent classes and top-notch teaching.

3. Florida Gulf Coast University has an Outstanding Health Sciences Program

Another great place to start your Health Sciences journey is with Florida Gulf Coast University. They have a thriving HS program that sets the stage for you to join a doctor’s office in a support or lead position. Their price per hour could be high for some, but the FGCU faculty comprises some giants in the industry.

A few standout things about the Florida Gulf Coast University Health Sciences Program are:

  • Balance – The FGCU program has one of the country’s most evenly distributed course loads. They have the perfect degree for someone looking to join the Health Sciences workplace but aren’t sure what they would like to specialize in.
  • Employment Rate – A great thing about Florida Gulf Coast University is that they report a 100% employment rate for students within six months of graduation. An excellent school is a plus, but having one that gets you a job is priceless.

FGCU isn’t a school you hear much about. They have some under-the-radar Health Science programs that stack up with some of the most prominent names in education. Their pay scale could be slightly high, but their courses, staff, and course loads make all the difference.

4. Northern Kentucky University has a Strong Health Sciences Program

The folks at Northern Kentucky University know a thing or two about setting up a Health Sciences program. They have a highly-rated program by the students and have some hidden benefits that most might not see.

The things that stick out about Northern Kentucky University are:

  • Completion Speed – For many people, it is all about getting their degree and working. At NKU, there are ways to make the program last just under two and a half years, which is exceptionally fast for any degree program.
  • Competitive Pricing – One of the most appealing things about NKU is how affordable the programs can be. On top of their outstanding loans and grants, they have a per-hour pay rate of around $450.

NKU is a good school. They have a tight framework for their program that is intense while still giving students time for home life. While the school is not well-known, the program incorporates the same principles as any other high-level HS school.

5. West Texas A&M is a Great School with an Excellent Health Sciences Program

Texas isn’t known for being subtle, and the program at West Texas A&M is pure Texas fun. Their Health Sciences program is entirely online and offers some advanced classes taught by current and former professionals in the Healthcare industry.

The things that stand out about West Texas A&M are:

  • Total Health – A&M has one of the only programs that work towards total wellness in the patient and doesn’t concentrate on a support role for the student. They are closely tied in with physical therapy and exercise, which are significant components of fitness and wellness.
  • Career Paths – As a Health Science degree is somewhat of a wild card, the A&M courses are geared toward letting students decide which path they would like to take as their education progresses.

Like the others, West Texas A&M is a fantastic school with a stellar Health Science program. They bend over backward to walk their students down the path towards their dream jobs and even have a huge job placement office.

Final Thoughts On An Online Health Science Degree

Health Science degrees are in demand. Doctor’s offices around the country are looking for excellent support staff who are highly trained and dedicated to helping the practice. The degrees are mainly for non-clinical jobs and concentrate on the support aspect of hospitals.

Choosing an online Health Sciences degree can be a bit daunting if you don’t know what you are looking for. Pick something that will be rewarding financially and personally. Often, jobs in Health Science are well-paying and provide several opportunities for advancement.

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