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Last updated on August 29th, 2023.

Your choices for Human Resources degrees online are extensive. More than 70 colleges and universities offer online degree programs in this field, giving you plenty of options to choose from when it comes time for your education needs.

The five best online Human Resources degrees are from:

  1. The University of Southern California
  2. Western Governor’s University 
  3. Columbia Southern University 
  4. Southern New Hampshire University
  5. Western Carolina University 

If you’re interested in this field or want to explore your options for an online degree program that will help you advance your career prospects, then there are plenty of opportunities to choose from! There is a lot to consider when choosing an HR degree program; let’s look at five of the best available choices on the market!

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Can You Do HR Online?

A Human Resources Degree online is becoming more popular as technology becomes an integral part of every industry. The need for qualified professionals in this field is growing exponentially, making now the perfect time to pursue your degree!

You can do HR online with a degree. Human Resources certificates offer quick and focused entry to the industry. Online certificates allow you to do coursework at your own pace with professional instructors.

HR degrees can be earned online in many different ways. The certification can be earned online or through an on-campus degree completion program. You also have the choice to earn a post bachelor’s degree certificate in HR management, which will allow you to specialize your skills and advance within the industry.

Which Degree Is Best for HR?

Online HR degrees allow you to work in the field immediately, but not every degree program is created equal. A Bachelor of Science in Human Resources will provide you with a strong general foundation while also allowing you to explore HR sciences more deeply.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration is the best choice for HR. Human resource specialists with a bachelor in business administration education, can leverage their business knowledge across several industries.

The responsibilities of business administration professionals range from analyzing problems to coming up with solutions and increasing company efficiency.

Two-year associates or diplomas may be an option for individuals who are just starting and already have experience working within the industry. However, most employers prefer candidates that have completed at least one year of college-level education. Some certifications for HR include the

  • PHR (Professional in Human Resources)
  • SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources); and
  • CPLP (Certified Professional in Learning and Performance).

A bachelor’s in business administration is the most common degree for HR specialists, as it gives individuals a well-rounded foundation of knowledge that can be applied across multiple industries. A management concentration emphasizing human resources helps people develop skills in:

  • strategic planning
  • project management
  • budgeting
  • leadership styles, and
  • motivation techniques.

Furthermore, graduates may also learn about company policies and procedures through researching case studies. Programs that specialize in HR practices will create a well-rounded curriculum that teaches students real-world human resource duties.

How Long Does It Take to Get an HR Degree?

HR is an industry that requires a lot of specialized education and experience. Most employers prefer to hire someone with at least one year of college-level education but associate or diploma programs may be your best option if you would like to get started as soon as possible.

HR degrees can take anywhere from two to four years, depending on whether you are enrolled in an associate or bachelor’s degree program.

HR degrees can take anywhere between two and four years of study time, but the majority of students earn their bachelor’s degree (four-year) before entering the workforce full-time.

Because it is such a versatile field with many different paths for advancement, some professionals even go back later in life to complete another HR degree. In doing so, they have been able to expand upon what they already know about human resources while moving up through managerial positions within organizations.

The 5 Best Online Human Resources Degrees

The best online human resources degrees are ones that a reputable agency has accredited. The more competitive the HR industry is, the harder it will be for graduates to get jobs without a degree from an HLC or ACICS-accredited institution.

Many schools have online programs that allow students to attend classes wherever they are and meet with professors in virtual classrooms. The best degrees will also offer specialization courses on topics related to human resources such as:

  • employee training
  • management development
  • organizational leadership
  • compensation & benefits administration
  • diversity issues within hr departments, and international hr practices.

Students can either take these electives at their own pace after completing general education requirements—or while still working towards earning a bachelor’s degree!

1. The University of Southern California Human Resources Management

The University of Southern California Human Resources Management program is available online. Students learn about organizational behavior and how it functions in the workforce. They can also take on leadership roles through problem-solving activities and simulation exercises.

Students enrolled in this degree will need to complete 45 credit hours for graduation; they must choose three courses from the following subject areas:

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Leadership Theory & Application
  • Strategic Decision Making, or
  • Group Dynamics/Interpersonal Relationships.

These particular online human resources degree requires students to have earned at least 60-semester units before enrolling; applicants must submit scores from the GRE General Test (both verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning exams) or Graduate Record Examination Subject Tests (in psychology).

2. Western Governor's University Human Resources Management

Western Governor’s University Human Resources Management is an accredited online university that offers a human resources degree online. This degree is your first step if you’re looking for an exciting job that focuses on connecting with staff and administering rules.

WGU offers:

  • affordable tuition rates
  • research-based curriculums taught by successful professionals in the field, and
  • several financial aid opportunities.

If you’re looking to enhance your resume while gaining expertise for a career in human resources management, WGU is right for you.

These human resources degree will ensure that you have the knowledge required to succeed in any HR position. Prepare to enhance your salary potential, be eligible for raises, and discover fantastic career success while studying for an online HR degree.

3. Columbia Southern University Human Resource Management

Columbia Southern University’s Online Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management is recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). This degree program will train you to be an influential business leader with the ability to:

  • identify
  • analyze
  • resolve tough human resources and management problems.

Human resource managers, training, and development specialists, and more are among the roles this degree may help students obtain.

The online HR degree is offered as a hybrid course of study. With this format, students must attend some classes on campus during the first year of the program before transitioning into an entirely virtual environment for years two through four. This flexible schedule allows you to fit education around your life while still completing all requirements needed for graduation in a timely manner.

Columbia Southern University’s human resource management courses include:

  • Strategic Leadership and Management Designation (12 credits) – learn how to lead within formal organizations by effectively planning goals-related activities, budgeting resources, measuring performance against objectives, and improving organizational effectiveness.
  • Organizational Behavior (18 credits) – analyze complex business situations using behavioral science concepts such as motivation factors, group dynamics, and leadership skills.
  • Organizational Development (18 credits) – develop strategies to enable change within organizations by strengthening individual and group performance through training, team building, and conflict resolution.

The Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates also align with this degree program from Columbia Southern University.

4. Southern New Hampshire University Online Human Resources

This online HR program from Southern New Hampshire University will assist you in supporting the teams that help organizations succeed. The integrated HR degree curriculum combines your business education with the foundations of human resources management. You’ll study topics such as: 

  • employee safety 
  • labor relations, and 
  • worldwide workforce management. 

These abilities may help you distinguish yourself when it comes to pursuing a career in human resources.

Learn how to:

  • Use human resource management techniques to help you achieve organizational objectives. 
  • Participate in ethical, legal, and socially responsible business practices to enhance your relationships with diverse teams.
  • Consider global and societal factors while making all commercial decisions. 

This human resource management school offers a curriculum that is consistent with the SHRM’s HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates. SHRM, a leading HR organization, establishes and enforces new HR standards recognized and respected by organizations across sectors to help professionals learn and apply HR concepts in the workplace.

5. Western Carolina University Human Resources Degree

Western Carolina University’s Online Human Resources Degree program provides a comprehensive understanding of human resources management, including the study of employment law and legal issues affecting employers.

The School of Business at Western Carolina University offers an online Human Resources degree that prepares students for careers in organizational development within a wide range of organizations such as:

  • health care facilities
  • manufacturing companies, or
  • small businesses.

This online human resource management school is designed to provide you with the knowledge and experience necessary to become successful leaders in HR roles across various industries. This focus on efficient workforce planning can help strengthen individual work units while creating opportunities for sustainable growth throughout the organization.

Western Carolina University’s online human resource management degree curriculum provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to implement effective workforce initiatives within an organization while mitigating potential risks associated with employment practices. Students may explore topics such as:

  • organizational behavior
  • change management
  • leadership strategies
  • employee development
  • strategic compensation planning
  • benefits administration, and more!

Students in Western Carolina University’s BSBA in Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management program will gain real-world experience through internships or international projects that can help them develop personally while building crucial connections for future career opportunities. Graduates are highly sought after by employers due to their ability to understand how each department contributes towards overall business objectives.


There are more than 70 schools that offer online degrees in Human Resources. The five best programs include:

  • The University of Southern California
  • Western Governor’s University
  • Columbia Southern University
  • Southern New Hampshire University, and
  • Western Carolina University.

These colleges and universities offer the best quality education for students who want to learn more about human resources management or gain experience in the field while continuing their studies remotely.

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