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The 7 Best Qigong Certifications Online in 2024

Qigong, also pronounced “chi gong,” is a holistic practice that cultivates physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It is rooted in ancient Chinese culture and traditional Chinese medicine, originating roughly 4,000 years ago. Qigong was developed as part of traditional Chinese medication, which involves exercising to optimize energy in the mind, body, and spirit.

Obtaining your qigong certification can open doors to improved sleep, stress reduction, and heightened energy levels. Whether you’re drawn to qigong for its health benefits, spiritual aspects, or martial arts applications, finding a qigong teacher training program that resonates with your interests and needs is essential.

We have extensively researched and assembled some of the best qigong certifications online just for you! Consider factors such as the curriculum, instructor expertise, teaching approach, and opportunities for practical experience. Take your time to research and evaluate these options to find the program that aligns best with you.

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1. Quantum Qigong for Well-Being Virtual Training Program

Best Qigong Teacher Training
Photo: Inspired Living

Ancient energy practices meet modern insights in Inspired Living’s Quantum Qigong certification. This 12-week Level 1 Qigong Certification is a fusion of live-taught, 100% online classes that guarantee an in-person feel. Tailored for those who give to others but often neglect self-care, Quantum Qigong goes beyond traditional practices as a form of spiritual hygiene.

Led by Christopher Grant & Daniela Hess, experienced educators who taught over 10,000 students collectively, their qigong, yoga, and meditation education ensures a comprehensive learning experience. Despite being an online course, they skillfully create an in-person atmosphere, fostering personal connections. The schedule offers flexibility with live or replay sessions on Saturdays and optional morning and evening practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Catered for healers, massage therapists, counselors, coaches, or yogis, the curriculum covers the core elements of Quantum Qigong, teaching skills, and understanding of the quantum field and consciousness. You will be equipped with swift, grounding, clearing, and uplifting practices that enable you to live fully connected to love, wisdom, and power.

Outcomes include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Improved mental and physical health
  • Enhanced intuition
  • Increased love and compassion
  • Optimal self-healing
  • Clarity on life purpose
  • Strengthened willpower

Competitively priced at $888, with optional payment plans, it includes 12 weeks of live sessions, practice labs, lifetime access to recordings, evaluation, a Qigong teaching certificate, and unlimited live and recorded Qigong practice classes. Activate your life with Quantum Qigong!

2. Small Universe Inner Fire Elemental Alchemy Qigong Training

Qigong Training
Photo: Instagram @upnorthnicky

The Long White Cloud Qigong Certification Online program is an enlightening course by the founder, John Munro. With over 20 years of experience in qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Kung Fu, John Munro has developed a thorough and well-rounded approach to guiding others toward their online qigong certification. This course is flexible and online-based, lasting for 15 weeks. You can study and practice from home and at your own pace, creating a more personalized learning experience.

Long White Cloud Qigong offers three 200-hour online Qigong instructor certification programs: Elemental Alchemy Qigong, Small Universe Qigong, and Inner Fire Qigong. In these trainings, you will learn over 50 moving exercises and practices to harmonize energy through the body’s meridians. This is a crucial practice in qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as it helps cultivate and balance the flow of qi throughout the body.

Program Benefits

  • Learn the exercises and the theory behind them to understand what you are doing.
  • Be guided to feel and be aware of the fundamental energy flows within your body, including the organ meridians, extraordinary meridians, dantien, and energy fields.
  • Balance mind, body, posture, and emotions through regular daily practice of powerfully practical exercises and boost your overall vitality and energy.
  • Gain practical advice and support as you begin your journey as a qigong instructor in your community.

Included in the program

  • Powerful breathing exercises to develop a complete natural breath
  • Qigong meditation to strengthen your mind-body connection
  • Introduction to Zhan Zhuang standing qigong practice
  • Weekly group practice sessions led by Long White Cloud Qigong instructors
  • Weekly Q&A sessions with Long White Cloud Qigong founder during the course
  • Two private sessions with senior Long White Cloud Qigong Instructors
  • Comprehensive testing to ensure your knowledge and practice are sound at the end of the program
  • Guidance in planning qigong classes and workshops
  • Free access to the private practitioner online community for one year after completion of the course
  • Lifetime access to all program learning materials

Enrolling with Long White Cloud Qigong offers an opportunity to learn from a seasoned and respected teacher and author and to gain practical insights into incorporating Qigong into modern daily life.

3. 50-Hour All-Inclusive Qigong Grounding Workshop Online

Qigong Certification
Photo: Qigong Awareness

This 50-hour Certified Qigong Instructor Training program from Qigong Awareness is designed by David Coon, a seasoned Qigong master with a wealth of thirty years in facilitating healing. It is carefully crafted to instill in you the skills to excel as a proficient qigong instructor and confidently lead one-hour qigong classes. There are no prerequisites for this teacher training program, making it accessible to everyone.

The Qigong Awareness Level 1 training is broken down into:

  • Two Awareness online intensives (15 hours each). Golden Dragon medical qigong: alchemizing stress & restoring balance, and medical qigong for back pain
  • Daily exercise program (10 hours). Learn to teach the level I qigong routine: alchemizing stress & restoring balance.
  • Documented instruction (5 hours). Qigong exercise classes (group & private instruction): teach the level I qigong routine, the basic template for creating your class
  • Medical qigong sessions (3 hours). Give a one-hour, documented medical qigong session.
  • Medical qigong sessions (2 hours). Receive a one-hour, documented medical qigong session.

Additionally, you will acquire extra exercises that can be seamlessly integrated into the classes you teach. The program consists of four levels – each 50 hours and contributes to a 200-hour certification. You will receive online training on instructing a one-hour qigong class and delivering a medical qigong treatment. Level IV focuses on teaching a 2-hour qigong workshop. This is a thorough, hands-on, experiential training program.

4. Powerful Qigong 200-Hour Vitality Training Online

Learning Qigong Online
Photo: Holden Qigong

The Holden Qigong Qigong Teacher Training program is a comprehensive online training beyond just teaching qigong. It caters to aspiring teachers and individuals seeking to deepen their knowledge of qigong and traditional Chinese healing practices.

For new practitioners, it covers the details of each movement and the theory behind them, while experienced practitioners can use it to enhance their practice further. By the end of six months, participants gain powerful tools to support their well-being and help others along their journey. It’s like a “Master Course” in Traditional Chinese Medicine!

What’s included

  • 16 weeks of self-paced course materials (over 70 hours of instruction)
  • Two monthly Masterclasses with expert instructors
  • One live, monthly group Q&A call with Lee Holden
  • The “Masterclass Library” contains over 96 Masterclasses on topics ranging from business to unique forms.
  • Private, practitioner-only online community
  • Two private sessions with senior Holden QiGong instructors
  • And the Holden QiGong Teacher Training manual (in PDF format)

Complete 200 hours of training to receive your certification

  • The Five Elements
  • The Three Treasures
  • Teacher Training fundamentals
  • Additional personal practice
  • Complete two one-on-one lessons with our senior instructors
  • Complete a final written examination
  • Record a 15 to 20-minute teaching demonstration video
  • Teach qigong to others

Breathe deeply, be present, and check in with yourself. When you join this 200-hour qigong certification online, you get lifetime access to everything you need to become a qigong teacher from the comfort of your home. If you’re new to qigong, you will learn the details of each movement, how they will positively impact your energy system, and when to practice or not practice specific movements. If you’ve already been learning or practicing, this training will help deepen your practice and understanding.

5. Self-Paced 8 Trigram Qigong Comprehensive

Qigong Training Online
Photo: White Tiger Qigong

White Tiger Qigong offers a unique 15-week, 5-level, online qigong teacher certification for aspiring teachers. During this qigong teacher training, you will discover the body mechanics and alignment of each qigong exercise, plus the essential theory behind every movement. This training will teach you how to heal yourself and others through ancient Chinese medicine. There is no specific order to take this course; you can take whichever portions cater to your interests. However, you could qualify as a White Tiger Qigong instructor upon full completion.

Let’s explore the course in more depth:

  • Level 1: Body. Education on each exercise’s mechanics, alignment, and theory, including its controversial and intriguing history. Master the qigong forms with essential checkpoints and helpful visuals. Uncover the wisdom of qigong Theory, Taoist philosophy, the 3 Treasures, 3 Harmonies, and the fascinating link with Fascia.
  • Level 2: Breath. This transformative phase represents the “Qi” level in the Teacher Training course, where you’ll gain profound insights into the workings of Qi and learn to channel it precisely through your body.
  • Level 3: Spirit. Unlock the state of flow by combining time-tested Taoist meditation practices with scientifically backed techniques.
  • Level 4: Prescription Qigong (Medical Qigong). Learn how to craft personalized prescriptions for a range of ailments with qigong! Uncover the powerful Chinese Medicine, Fascia, and Sports Medicine frameworks, and harness their secrets to tailor qigong practices to your unique needs. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and hello to a world of customized healing and rejuvenation.
  • Level 5: Teacher Training. Are you ready to share the wisdom of qigong with others? This final module offers the most comprehensive teaching course for aspiring qigong instructors. You’ll be assessed through a video test and a theoretical examination to earn your official qigong Instructor certification.

Deepen your practice, whether breathwork, movement, or meditation, and explore opportunities to teach and build a thriving business in holistic wellness. Embrace the power of qigong to transform lives and foster your growth journey.

6. Qigong Immersion Online Training Program

Best QiGong certification with Yoga Farm Ithaca
Photo: Yoga Farm Ithaca

You can get your Level 1 qigong teacher training at Yoga Farm Ithaca. This in-depth training will help your healing and earn you a 200-hour teacher training certification. This teacher training will prepare you to teach with profound competence and help others achieve their mind, body, and soul. 

This qigong teacher training is a trauma-informed layering of healing and embodiment practice of qigong, meditations, and the essential keys for the healing curriculum. This training suits everyone, whether you’re a yoga teacher who wants to introduce qigong as part of their classes or someone new who wants to learn qigong exclusively. 

By the end of this Yoga Farm Ithaca training, you will learn: 

  • Fundamental qigong theory: Understand and verbalize yin and Yang, five element theory, the theory of qi, blood, and fluids, Chinese energetic anatomy, competency in channel theory, ma da yangs heavenly star points, and the gate points.
  • Introduce and practice Nian Li Taoist medical qigong

Demonstrate how to correct and teach:

  • Wu Ji’s empty stance, Zhan Zhaung Standing Post, San Ti Shi’s three-body posture
  • Abdominal breathing, reverse breathing, embryonic breathing
  • Shen Fa: Movement pattern training for qigong: principles of Song, Moving from the Yao, Rising and Falling, Drilling, and Six Harmonies incorporating Bear Movement and swings
  • Walking patterns: Mud Stepping, Crane Stepping, Phoenix Stepping
  • Wave Hands like Clouds
  • Ba Duan Jin/ Eight Pieces of Brocade
  • Five Element Qigong
  • Yi Yin Jing: Sinew Tendon Changing Classic Qigong

7. Foundations of Qigong for Healing Course Online

gigong certified
Photo: Instagram @chrissheltonqigong

Spearheaded by the experienced husband and wife duo Chris and Parisa Shelton, this qigong certification from Shelton Qigong is a beacon of hope for those seeking long-lasting relief from chronic pain and disease. This unique program equips participants with the skills to help themselves and empowers them to impact others positively. 

The Sheltons, certified qigong practitioners and teachers, have garnered a reputation for their expertise in the field. Operating the Morning Crane Healing Arts Center, they have extended their knowledge to thousands of individuals worldwide, fostering holistic healing and overall well-being. 

The program encourages participants to dedicate 30 to 60 minutes daily, two to five days a week, to study and practice. This commitment forms a backbone that promises improved stress tolerance, daily positivity, and a rewarding sense of aiding oneself and others.

At the heart of Qigong Teacher Training lies a comprehensive curriculum spanning two levels:

  • Over 13 weeks in Level 1, students study the foundational teachings, mastering techniques that rejuvenate personal health and well-being. 
  • As Level 1 concludes, participants gain the ability to teach complete classes, and the option to proceed to Level 2 opens up. 
  • Upon completing both levels, including a final project that assesses personal mindset and technical prowess, graduates emerge as certified qigong Instructors.

By focusing on foundational qigong techniques, participants understand how to harness energy and create a harmonious balance within themselves. This knowledge transcends the individual, enabling graduates to extend their expertise to others and foster a holistic wellness network that ripples through communities. Click through for more information on Shelton Qigong.

How to Become a Qigong Instructor

qigong certifications


According to the National Qigong Association (NQA), you must meet the following requirements to obtain that qigong instructor certification. As credentials and programs often shift their curriculum, ensure that your desired program is up-to-date with the specific requirements for each qigong course. Becoming a qigong master is a commitment to well-being as a lifestyle. There are no shortcuts to achieve greatness.

Qigong Instructor Level I

  • At least 200 hours of documented Formal Qigong Training
  • 2 years of personal practice

Qigong Instructor Level II

  • At least 350 hours of documented Formal Qigong Training
  • 3 years of personal practice
  • 2 years experience teaching

Qigong Advanced Instructor Level III

  • 500 Hours of documented Formal Qigong Training
  • 6 years of personal practice
  • 5 years experience teaching Qigong

Qigong Senior Teacher Level IV

  • 1000 hours of documented Formal Training
  • 10 years experience teaching teachers, clinical practitioners, or both
  • The satisfactory completion of an interview with members of the Application Review Committee if required

Is it possible to study Qigong online?

Yes, it is possible to learn qigong online. While learning solely from a book without illustrations may be challenging, online resources, including illustrations and videos, can help with learning. The advantage of online education is that you can do it from the comfort of your home, at your convenience, and with expert guidance. Unlike in-person classes, online courses allow you to rewind and review content as often as needed.

Online qigong certifications often provide abundant information, sometimes even more than physical classes. These courses typically offer a variety of materials, such as ebooks, course content, audio files, visualization handouts, live streaming sessions, webinars, and more, helping you to learn to practice it effectively.

How long does it take to become a Qigong master?

It takes many years to become a qigong master. The only way to become a qigong master is to be taught by another master. To become a master, you must first learn the functional theories of qigong from an instructor. These theories include beliefs on breathing motion passed down for centuries. Knowing these fundamentals gives you a foundation to understand why specific movements and activities benefit meditative exercises. You will also understand the basics of alternative Chinese medicine, such as pressure points, and how to apply them to your studies. 

qigong certifcations online

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Next, you will learn about the three primary forms of qigong. To become a qigong master, you will also need to practice static qigong, which means you must learn various poses and hold them for long periods to improve and optimize mental and physical strength. Also, each master is unique, and their practices may differ from one master to the other. For example, some forms of meditation focus on attaining self-enlightenment through meditation, while some are more yoga-like, and others are meant to improve focus. 

Once your qigong master is fully confident that you have learned everything you need to succeed, you will be ready to move on and become your master. Many teachers can walk you through this path, which can be done online or in person. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Qigong Certification Online

Online qigong classes are a fantastic way to master oneself and help others who need it. They can provide tremendous fulfillment. It does not matter whether you will be a practitioner; when it comes to such ancient practices, it can be an enriching experience to share and pass the knowledge down to someone who needs it. The above programs are some of the best qigong teacher trainings and will benefit you if you want to pursue qigong professionally. You can choose a program that best complements you and your needs, follow it closely, and become certified as a qigong instructor.