Best Yoga Instructors on YouTube

The 7 Best Yoga Instructors on YouTube

In the digital age, it is getting increasingly easy to transition all activities into an online format, and this includes yoga. A lot of people have been turning to yoga channels on YouTube to continue their yoga practice, and may be wondering which are the best to follow.

Several of the best yoga instructors on YouTube include Adriene Mishler, Kassandra Reinhardt, Tara Stiles, Koya Webb, Edyn Bryant, Sarah Beth, and Arundhati Baitmangalkar. These yogis offer a variety of free videos that allow people to make progress in their wellness journey.

If you are wondering what the particular strength is for each instructor, you are not alone. Keep reading to learn more about the seven best yoga instructors on YouTube.

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The Types of Yoga Videos Available on YouTube

Not all YouTube yoga videos are the same. In fact, there are some key differences that some people use to determine what is best for them.

This includes the following criteria:

  • Style of Yoga: Many people have a preference between styles, such as Vinyasa or Hatha. Fortunately, YouTube offers a wide array of the traditional yoga styles and more modern adaptations.
  • Duration: Many yoga instructors will offer different durations to fit even the most demanding of schedules.
  • Yoga for a particular focus: Maybe you are having back problems, or you want to focus on meditation. Whatever the case, a lot of yoga videos on YouTube will be aimed towards a certain objective.

It might seem daunting to choose from thousands of options for yoga on YouTube, but these different types can make your choice that much easier.

Who is the Best Yoga Instructor on Youtube?

With all of these choices out there, you might want to start your search by wondering who is the best yoga instructor.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to answer that question. People like different yoga instructors based on personal preference, so you will need to try them and see what works for you.

That being said, there are some very qualified and popular YouTube yoga instructors that people typically like. The following sections will tell you more about the best yoga instructors with YouTube channels.

The 7 Best Yoga Instructors on YouTube

Many yoga instructors have different advantages and disadvantages, and this is true for those on YouTube as well.

1. Adriene Mishler

If you have heard of YouTube yoga at all, you have probably come across the name Adriene Mishler. This YouTuber is one of the most popular yoga instructors in the world, and is credited with making YouTube yoga famous.

Her videos offer a variety of specifications, including:

  • Yoga by duration
  • Yoga for lifestyles
  • Yoga challenges

She truly has a video for everyone, and you also might catch a glimpse of her dog, Benji, during the videos!

2. Kassandra Reinhardt

If you wish to try out different styles, Kassandra Reinhardt could be the instructor for you. She has a wealth of experience making videos that focus on many different traditional yoga styles, so you can see which one is the best for you, or simply add some variety to your life.

3. Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles runs the popular YouTube channel “Strala Yoga.” She is also very well known for her repertoire of prenatal yoga for expecting mothers.

If you are pregnant, you should remember to seek clearance from a doctor before practicing yoga. Once you get this, though, Tara Stiles could be the right YouTube instructor for you.

4. Koya Webb

This instructor, Koya Webb, can be found both on her personal channel and on the popular Alo Yoga channel. She has a wealth of experience as a yoga instructor and also posts videos with insight into diet and mental wellness.

5. Edyn Bryant

Accessibility is Edyn Bryant’s main focus, and her channel focuses on creating videos that are suited for plus-sized yogis. With her dedication and talent, she is working on developing a more inclusive attitude towards yoga on YouTube.

6. Sarah Beth

Sarah Beth is the leader of the channel “SarahBethYoga,” and she specializes in providing variety for her followers, both in duration and in style. Her engaging personality also makes her a hit with her fans across the world.

If you are looking to try new things, she could be the right fit for you. She is also well-suited for all abilities, from true beginners to advanced yogis.

7. Arundhati Baitmangalkar

Arundhati Baitmangalkar has the popular channel “Aham Yoga,” and specializes on providing technical insight into the different poses, as well as explanations behind the asanas.

If you are really looking to improve your form and focus, Arundhati Baitmangalkar could be right for you. For this reason, many aspiring instructors appreciate her videos to take their practice to the next level.


YouTube yoga has many benefits, and one of the strongest is getting to learn from accomplished instructors all over the world. With the world of YouTube yoga expanding rapidly, there are countless instructors to choose from.

These seven instructors appeal to a variety of lifestyles and needs with their free videos. It might take some time to experiment with different instructors, but once you find the one that is right for you, it will not be long before YouTube yoga becomes an integral part of your daily routine.