Breathwork Help With Stress

3 Ways Breathwork Helps With Stress

Stress is a commonality, and it can take over you and become the focal point of your life if not addressed correctly and delicately. Destressing is possible; one-way people often ignore it is through breathwork exercises. Some will think of it as laughable without realizing how helpful it is in different ways regarding stress when suggested to take a moment to breathe in and out.

Three ways breathwork helps with stress is that once you’ve stabilized your breathing, your:

  • Heartbeat slows down
  • Blood pressure will lower or stabilize
  • Feelings of anxiety will decrease, and your mind eases down

As we continue to read through this article, we will learn about the common causes of stress, what breathwork does to our minds and bodies, and, lastly, three ways breathwork helps with stress.

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What Does Breathwork Do to Our Minds and Bodies?

Breathwork is beneficial for our minds and bodies, but what does it do specifically?

Here is the answer:

  • For our minds, it will keep you mentally at ease, and you’ll become more relaxed. Your mind will not become as cloudy, you will be able to make sound judgments, and your behaviors will not be impulsive and unhealthy.
  • For our bodies, continued practice of breathwork will prevent physical health problems, such as cardiovascular issues, because your heart rate and blood pressure is lowered. Along with this, you will have more oxygen to run through your bloodstream, which helps you to communicate with your brain.

In the end, to have a sound body, you also have a sound mind. It all connects and begins with breathwork.

Breathwork is where it begins to have a sound body and mind. It helps with destressing in different ways. Let’s continue to read more about three ways breathwork helps with stress and how breathwork transforms our minds and bodies.

3 Ways Breathwork Helps with Stress

Destressing is essential. One of the most recommended and important things one can do when handling stress before anything else is breathwork. Breathing exercises are beneficial in many ways and help with stress. 

Let’s continue reading to learn about three ways breathwork helps with stress.

1. Slowed Down Heartbeat

When you are overly stressed, your heart tends to beat faster. In stressful moments, your adrenaline begins to peak, which increases your heart rate. This can be due to anxiety or other poor habits contributing to stress.

However, practicing breathing techniques will help you become accustomed to a lowered heartbeat and heart rate. 

2. Lowered Blood Pressure

When overly stressed, your body will release many hormones, which will cause your blood vessels to narrow, thus increasing your blood pressure. 

You can develop unhealthy habits that contribute to higher blood pressure along with stress alone. Increased blood pressure can lead to possible heart disease, so breathwork is vital to lower it. 

3. Anxiety Reduction/Mind Eases Down

Stress leads to increased anxiety, leaving your mind foggy and overwhelmed, leading to even more stressful and unhealthy habits and behaviors. 

Once you begin and continue breathwork, your anxiety will reduce, and your mind will start to ease down, which will help you think more clearly and develop more healthy and mindful habits. You’ll also have increased awareness.


As you’ve learned about the three ways that breathwork helps with stress, you can implement breathwork techniques more into your daily life if you are experiencing stress. You also learned about what stress is, its common causes, breathwork, and what it does to our minds and bodies. 

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