108-Hour Meditation Teacher Training Online

Photo: Full Circle Yoga School

This Yoga Alliance-certified meditation teacher training course will deepen your understanding of meditation and serve as a guide for teaching different meditation styles. The 108-hour online course includes 15 modules, 30 meditation scripts, on-demand videos, printable PDFs, lifetime course access, and a certificate of completion.

Learn from Jolie Wilson, founder of Full Circle Yoga School and certified yoga teacher with experience in over 30+ styles of meditation. Embark on a transformative journey of healing, connection, and self-discovery. Become empowered to share the life-changing benefits of meditation with others.

What You’ll Learn?

  • What is meditation
  • Benefits of meditation
  • Effects of meditation on the brain waves
  • The four pillars of a healthy mind
  • Overcoming meditation challenges
  • Setting the space for meditation
  • How to find the right teaching tone, voice, and pace
  • Multiple styles of meditation, including Mindfulness meditation, Mantra meditation, Movement meditation, Qigong meditation, Vipassana meditation, and Transcendental meditation
  • How to write a meditation script
  • Teaching meditation to individuals, children, and groups

You can start studying as soon as you enroll in the program and complete the course in 15 days if you complete one module a day. Alternatively, you can progress through the course material at your own pace. Once you graduate, you will be certified to teach meditation anywhere in the world.

Course Details:
108 Hours