20-Hour Breathwork and Pranayama Experience Online

Photo: Loka Yoga School

Loka Yoga School presents its Online Breathwork Teacher Training program, meticulously crafted around various breathwork techniques. This self-paced curriculum encompasses ancient Pranayama practices and contemporary breathwork methods, aiming to reduce stress, optimize performance, and enhance mental clarity. Seasoned instructors lead the program and hold accreditation from Yoga Alliance, ensuring global recognition and adherence to industry standards.


  • Accreditation as certified Breathwork Coaches, bolstering credentials on a global scale.
  • Over 20 hours of in-depth training cover 22 transformative breathing techniques, providing you with a comprehensive skill set.
  • Self-paced learning, the program offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to progress at your pace.
  • Expert guidance and mentorship throughout the training experience.
  • Gain access to professional video classes, presentations, and guided practices, facilitating effective learning and skill acquisition.
  • Seamlessly integrates ancient Pranayama techniques with modern breathwork methods, offering a holistic approach to breathwork training.
  • Learn techniques to reduce stress, enhance performance, and achieve mental clarity.
  • Affordable pricing options and lifetime access, ensuring long-term value and accessibility.

Loka Yoga School’s Online Breathwork Teacher Training combines ancient wisdom and modern techniques to help you improve your well-being. This program, accredited by Yoga Alliance and featuring expert instruction and flexible learning, deepens your understanding of breathwork. Upon completion, you’ll gain certification and the ability to bring positive change to yourself and others.


Course Details:
20 Hours