20-Hour Pranayama Breathwork and Subtle Body Online Course

Photo: The Peaceful Warriors Yoga School

Dive into the fascinating areas of the subtle body, breathwork, pranayama, and meditation with this comprehensive 20-hour online course module from The Peaceful Warriors Yoga School. Designed to educate and inspire, this course explores the energetic and quasi-material aspects of the human body, mind, and consciousness.


  • Five in-depth breathwork and pranayama tutorials covering philosophy, application, and benefits
  • Two 2-hour audio masterclasses on prana, the five koshas, primary vayus, nadis, and the chakra system
  • Optional personal chakra test and one-on-one consultation with a senior lead teacher
  • Two-hour masterclass on the philosophy of pain and mindfulness
  • One-hour masterclass on the endocrine system
  • Six guided meditation practices, including yoga nidra and two sound healing sessions
  • Lifetime access to course content and The Peaceful Warriors virtual community

By completing this 20-hour course module, you’ll gain valuable tools to reconnect with your best expression and live your best life. Whether you’re a yoga student working towards your 200-hour certification or a yoga teacher looking to enhance your teaching skillset, this course will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and practical techniques to deepen your understanding of the subtle body, breathwork, pranayama, and meditation.

Course Details:
20 Hours