200-hour Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Online

Photo: My Vinyasa Practice

Immerse yourself in the profound wisdom of Tantra Yoga with their 200-hour Tantra Yoga Teacher Training, led by experienced instructors Michelle Young and Ana Pilar Cruz. This self-paced, remote course offers a unique opportunity to explore the history, philosophy, rituals, and practices of Tantra Yoga, empowering you to deepen your practice and guide others on their yogic journey.


  • Discover the energy within and learn the process of self-mastery through action.
  • Explore techniques for maintaining the body, containing energy, and moving prana.
  • Learn to transcend the manifest world and engage in deity yoga
  • Gain expertise in implementing esoteric rituals and understanding the seven stages of practice from the Gheranda Samhita
  • Study the levels of transformation, divine desire, and personal duty in the context of Tantra Yoga
  • Understand the importance of devotion and surrender to the divine will
  • Dive into the elements of Tantric ritual practice and learn to incorporate them into your teachings

Enrolling in this 200-hour Tantra Yoga Teacher Training will give you a comprehensive understanding of the ancient tradition and its modern applications. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your practice or share the wisdom of Tantra with others, this course will give you the knowledge and skills needed to pursue self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Course Details:
200 Hours