30-Hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training

Photo: YogaRenew

Discover the joy and fulfillment of teaching yoga to children with their comprehensive online Children’s Yoga Teacher Training course. This self-paced program, led by experienced instructors Trevor Vaughan and Julie Pasqual, equips you with the knowledge, skills, and resources to create engaging and impactful yoga classes for kids. You’ll gain the confidence to inspire and empower the next generation of yogis through a deep understanding of child development, classroom management, and age-appropriate yoga techniques.


  • Explore the science behind child development and how yoga supports healthy growth.
  • Learn the key differences between teaching yoga to children and adults
  • Discover how to incorporate meditation, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices for kids
  • Master the alignment, creative cues, and teaching techniques for over 50 children’s yoga poses
  • Gain expertise in crafting yoga games that keep children engaged, excited, and having fun
  • Develop effective classroom management strategies to ensure a safe and positive learning environment
  • Learn the art of storytelling and how to weave captivating tales into your classes
  • Acquire the business skills and knowledge necessary to launch and grow your own children’s yoga offerings

By enrolling in this Children’s Yoga Teacher Training course, you’ll embark on a rewarding journey of positively impacting kids’ lives through yoga. With a strong foundation in child development, teaching methodology, and practical application, you’ll be well-equipped to create classes that promote physical health, mental well-being, and social-emotional growth in your young students.

Course Details:
30 Hours