300-Hour Diversified Yoga Training Program Online

Photo: Noah Maze

The 300-Hour Teacher Training program from The Mazé Method is designed for those aspiring to become proficient yoga instructors. This intensive course offers a comprehensive exploration of yoga instruction, covering various subjects to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge.


  • Learn essential elements like alignment, anatomy, and kinesiology for safe and effective teaching.
  • Master the art of Vinyasa flow and sequencing strategies to create impactful yoga classes.
  • Gain insights into therapeutics and adjustments to offer personalized support to students with diverse needs.
  • The program spans nine months and has six modules covering different aspects, such as Essential Skills, Anatomy, Philosophy, Sequencing, Vinyasa, Ethics, Leadership, and facilitation.
  • Explore the philosophical and psychological aspects of teaching yoga, including yoga philosophy, ethics, and body image impact.
  • Prerequisites include a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (RYT) with Noah or a comparable school, willingness to participate in group activities, ability to give and receive feedback, dedication, motivation, and self-
  • directed learning.

With personalized teaching guidance and a well-rounded curriculum, you’ll be prepared to tackle the challenges and successes of your yoga career.

Course Details:
300 Hours