Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing Course

Photo: YogaRenew

Master crafting dynamic and purposeful vinyasa yoga sequences with YogaRenew’s comprehensive Vinyasa Sequencing Lab. Led by experienced instructors Patrick and Kate, this self-paced online course equips you with the knowledge and skills to create engaging, safe, and effective vinyasa classes.


  • Explore the history and evolution of vinyasa yoga, from its roots to modern applications.
  • Understand the concept of peak pose and its role as the foundation for sequence design.
  • Learn to deconstruct peak poses and identify key teaching actions to guide students safely.
  • Discover the essential components of the vinyasa yoga sequencing skeleton.
  • Practice dissecting and sequencing around specific peak poses, such as Wheel and Crow.
  • Receive a comprehensive course workbook to support your learning and sequence planning.

Gain expertise in crafting intentional vinyasa sequences tailored to your student’s needs and abilities. This practical course, guided by experts, deepens your understanding of sequencing principles, enabling you to create challenging and accessible classes.

Course Details:
10 Hours