Breathwork and Cold Plunge Immersive Education

Photo: Lindsey Trubia

The Peak Flow Practitioner Academy, guided by Dr. Rob Williams, Ph.D., and Lindsey Trubia (RYT 200), offers breathwork training focused on enhancing human potential across various aspects of life. Using nature-inspired techniques and science-backed methods, Peak Flow integrates contrast therapy to expose participants to hot and cold conditions. This program provides a pathway for individuals to obtain certification as breathwork practitioners and lead workshops worldwide via the Peak Flow app.


  • Peak Flow employs methods inspired by nature and backed by science to maximize human potential.
  • Participants experience hot and cold conditions to promote holistic development.
  • Level 1 Certification: This is an 8-week virtual course tailored for beginners, focusing on airway health, CO2 tolerance, cold exposure, and fitness.
  • Key Areas in Level 1: Participants learn to regulate the nervous system, expand their knowledge of respiratory health, and understand cold exposure.
  • Level 2 Advanced Training: This training is for experienced practitioners with six months of teaching experience and certification in two breathwork organizations.
  • Additional Areas in Level 2: Advanced training includes a practitioner residency, practicum, and nature retreat in Vermont.
  • Participants acquire skills to teach breathwork workshops and earn income without starting businesses.
  • Engage with a network of peers of the Peak Flow method and breath ecosystem.
  • Ideal for those seeking thorough breathwork training and a supportive community to enhance well-being.

With experienced instructors, nature-inspired techniques, and opportunities for certification and skill development, Peak Flow equips participants with the tools to become proficient breathwork practitioners and positively impact lives.


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