Breathwork for Individuals and Groups Course

Photo: Jon Paul Crimi

Become a certified breathwork teacher with Jon Paul Crimi’s easy-to-follow training. His program offers two courses designed to teach you how to guide individuals and groups through powerful breathwork sessions. Whether you’re new to breathwork or want to improve your skills, his courses provide simple, step-by-step instructions in a supportive environment.


Basics & One-on-One Training

  • Understand the basics of breathwork for one-on-one sessions
  • Addressing and releasing any negative energy clients may carry
  • Teaching clients how to use affirmations to shift their mindset and energy
  • Gain confidence in guiding people safely through sessions
  • Learning to address common questions before and after breathwork sessions.
  • Start offering sessions right after completing the training
  • Get lots of videos, guided tracks, and helpful guides
  • Feel a big emotional shift, like therapy but cheaper and on your schedule
  • Access course content forever and join live Q&A sessions

How to Lead Couples & Groups Training

  • Learn how to guide couples and lead group sessions
  • Build confidence in speaking to larger groups
  • Handling challenges when guiding a group through different emotional experiences
  • See how breathwork can heal relationships
  • Get videos, tracks, and guides to help you learn
  • Experience breakthroughs and find your teaching style
  • Access course content forever and join live Q&A sessions

Becoming a certified breathwork teacher is a rewarding experience that can change your life. Jon Paul Crimi’s courses make learning breathwork easy and fun, giving you the skills to guide people through their experiences. Discover the amazing impact of breathwork.

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