Foundations of Qigong for Healing Course Online

Photo: Shelton Qigong

Facilitated by Chris and Parisa Shelton, Shelton Qigong’s certification program provides an in-depth exploration into the practice of Qigong and serves as a comprehensive educational platform aimed at aiding individuals in addressing chronic pain and illness while fostering their capacity to assist others effectively.


  • Focuses on personal health improvement and the development of teaching skills.
  • Encourages participants to allocate regular time for qigong practice, promoting consistency and proficiency.
  • Structured into two levels: Level 1 and Level 2, each offering a progressive learning journey.
  • Level 1 emphasizes foundational teachings essential for nurturing individual well-being.
  • Graduates of Level 1 are empowered to lead complete qigong sessions independently.
  • Provides an option to advance to Level 2 for those seeking further enrichment and skill refinement.
  • Attainment of certification as a Qigong Instructor upon completing both levels and a final project.
  • Emphasizes mastering fundamental qigong techniques to enhance energy flow and achieve inner balance.
  • Payment plans available

The Shelton Qigong certification program offers a robust experience, providing participants with the skills to navigate the intricacies of Qigong practice. Through diligent study and practice, graduates emerge as certified instructors, equipped to share the benefits of Qigong and promote holistic wellness.

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