Functional Breathing for Athletes and Health Professionals Course

Photo: Oxygen Advantage

The Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Coach program is an online training opportunity for those passionate about enhancing sports performance, health, and well-being through breathwork. This breathwork training takes a scientific and accessible approach to functional breathing, equipping coaches to inspire and support clients based on their needs.


  • Learn techniques to normalize blood carbon dioxide levels, optimizing oxygen delivery to the body.
  • Improve the strength and function of the diaphragm to enhance breathing efficiency.
  • Achieve optimal balance in the nervous system and blood gas exchange through rhythmic breathing patterns.
  • Gain skills to teach exercises that promote nasal breathing, which is crucial for optimal oxygen uptake and stress reduction.
  • Complete the program by watching online tutorials and studying course materials, typically requiring around 100 hours.
  • Most participants pass the certification exam within one to three months of registration, earning a certificate in Functional Breathing from Oxygen Advantage.
  • Support athletes in achieving their performance goals through optimized breathing techniques.
  • Guide individuals in improving sleep quality and managing stress through breathwork.
  • Assist clients in weight loss and adopting healthier lifestyles through tailored breathwork practices.

With practical techniques and scientific insights, you learn to optimize breathing patterns and support clients in achieving their goals. Whether aspiring to enhance athletic performance, improve sleep quality, manage stress, or promote overall well-being, this program makes a positive impact.

Course Details:
100 Hours