Functional Breathing for Athletics Course

Photo: Oxygen Advantage

Join the Oxygen Advantage Online Breathing Course led by Patrick McKeown for an easy-to-understand introduction to breathwork. Whether new to breathwork or already familiar, this course suits everyone. You’ll learn techniques backed by research that can benefit people of any age, fitness level, or health condition.


  • Discover how to improve oxygen distribution in your body’s cells, enjoy better sleep, enhance blood flow to essential organs, and clear nasal congestion for better health overall.
  • Explore the three essential aspects of effective breathing: understanding how carbon dioxide affects your body, learning the difference between breathing with your diaphragm and chest, and finding the right breathing rhythm.
  • The Oxygen Advantage method combines scientific knowledge with practical exercises, giving you a deep understanding of how breathing works.
  • No matter where you start, this course is designed to be easy to follow. You’ll quickly grasp the techniques with instructional videos, a complete 30-minute class, and simple guidance.
  • By incorporating what you learn into your daily routine, you’ll see noticeable improvements in your breathing strength and endurance.
  • Special exercises taught by Patrick McKeown can help you reduce stress, become more resilient, and ease breathing difficulties like asthma symptoms.

The Oxygen Advantage Online Breathing Course is your ticket to better breathing and improved well-being, no matter who you are. With its practical approach, clear instruction, and affordable price, this course is an excellent investment in your health and happiness.

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