Harnessing Sound for Well-being Class Online

Photo: YogaRenew

Designed for personal enrichment and professional development, this self-paced program explores the ancient roots and modern applications of sound as a powerful healing modality. Discover how sound vibrations can positively impact the body, mind, and spirit, and learn to create your sound healing sessions.


  • Understand the fundamental principles and science behind sound healing
  • Experience a deeply relaxing sound bath to grasp the profound effects of sound
  • Explore the historical and cultural roots of sound healing practices
  • Learn how sound vibrations interact with and influence the human body
  • Gain insights into personal development and growth within the field of sound healing
  • Discover essential steps and considerations for preparing a sound healing session

Enrolling in this sound healing course will take you on a fascinating ride into sound. Focusing on theoretical understanding and practical application, this course provides a solid foundation for incorporating sound healing into your personal practice or professional offerings.

Course Details: