Holistic Applied Yoga Instructor Training Online

Photo: My Vinyasa Practice

Take the first step towards becoming a certified Yoga Therapist with My Vinyasa Practice’s Applied Yoga course. This comprehensive, self-paced online training combines 200 hours of clinical applications and case studies, providing a solid foundation in yoga philosophy, asanas, mindfulness techniques, and therapeutic applications.


  • Learn the foundational concepts of Yoga Therapy, including Bandhas, Chakras, and Kleshas.
  • Explore the ancient wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras
  • Gain expertise in sequencing, pranayama, and meditation techniques
  • Understand the application of Pratipaksha Bhavana and the Vayus in Yoga Therapy
  • Study the Gunas and their role in psychological well-being
  • Discover the power of sound healing and its therapeutic applications
  • Explore case studies and learn how to apply Yoga Therapy for anxiety and other conditions
  • Access personalized support from experienced C-IAYT-certified instructors

Enrolling in this 20-week Applied Yoga course will give you a comprehensive understanding of Yoga Therapy and its practical applications. This training is the first module of My Vinyasa Practice’s IAYT-accredited Yoga Therapy Certification program, making it ideal for RYT500s seeking to advance their skills.

Course Details:
300 Hours