Integrative Trauma Practitioner Training​ Program

Photo: Aura Institute

Aura Institute’s Integrative Trauma Practitioner program is a cutting-edge approach to therapy and wellness education. Led by experts in breathwork, therapy, somatic experiencing, and more, this nine-week online training provides a deep dive into trauma-informed practices. Through live sessions, participants learn essential body-based techniques alongside a holistic range of therapeutic modalities.


Level 1

  • Essential body-based practices for trauma healing
  • Understanding the nervous system and polyvagal theory
  • Exploring Biodynamic Breathwork for trauma release
  • Practical somatic experiencing techniques
  • Applying trauma-informed approaches in real-world settings
  • Guidance on building a successful therapy practice

Level 2

  • Mastering advanced breathwork techniques
  • Developing skills in resetting the Amygdala and improving vagal nerve tone
  • Exploring Body Trauma Liberation (BTL™) techniques
  • Guiding clients through body-based somatic practices
  • Instructor-guided one-on-one practice sessions

The Integrative Trauma Practitioner program offers robust training in trauma-informed therapy. Whether you’re a therapist or holistic practitioner, this program equips you with the skills to excel in trauma healing.

Course Details:
135 Hours