Live Virtual Somatic Education Course for Yoga Teachers

Photo: Soma Yoga Institute

In Soma Yoga Institute’s Somatic Training course for yoga teachers, discover the art of delivering effective somatic movement instruction, focusing on cues, voice tone, rhythm, and other essential elements.


  • Explore trauma-sensitive somatic approaches to heal from chronic stress and post-traumatic stress, stimulating the vagus nerve and enhancing parasympathetic activity.
  • Gain skills to assist students in alleviating pain patterns, regulating the nervous system, enhancing neuroplasticity, and improving interoceptive awareness.
  • Learn therapeutic adaptations and sequences for musculoskeletal issues such as back pain, shoulder problems, chronic neck tension, etc.
  • Investigate the anatomy of trauma and develop compassionate skills to address traumatic reflex patterns in the body.
  • Access a comprehensive online practice library featuring full-length somatics classes and individual exercise videos with cue sheets.
  • Dive into live video sessions and curated prerecorded content to explore somatic movement principles.
  • Earn 15 hours of Yoga Alliance CE credits.

Rewire your brain as you refine teaching skills and deepen your understanding of neuroception, interoception, exteroception, and proprioception. Liz Heffernan and her team offer this exceptional somatic experiencing training, providing practical tools to enhance your movement education.

Course Details:
15 Hours