Online 20-Hour Yin Yoga Certification Program

Photo: YogaRenew

YogaRenew’s Yin Yoga program offers a unique exploration into the essence of yin yoga, emphasizing the “study of stillness.” Their curriculum is thoughtfully structured to approach topics that intersect with the nature of yin yoga itself. The program is divided into distinct categories:


  • Philosophy: Explore the philosophical underpinnings of yin yoga, including concepts of mindfulness, acceptance, and surrender.
  • Anatomy: Gain a deep understanding of the anatomical principles behind yin yoga poses, focusing on connective tissues, joints, and the subtle body.
  • Benefits: Explore the therapeutic benefits of yin yoga, including stress reduction, increased flexibility, and enhanced emotional well-being.
  • History: Trace the historical roots of yin yoga, examining its origins in ancient yogic traditions and its evolution into a modern practice.
  • Practice: Immerse yourself in the experiential aspect of yin yoga through guided practice sessions, where you’ll learn to cultivate stillness, patience, and inner awareness.
  • Teaching: Develop the skills and confidence needed to effectively teach yin yoga to others, including sequencing, cueing, and modifications.

YogaRenew seamlessly integrates these categories into its curriculum, recognizing their natural intersections. By adopting a holistic approach that mirrors the philosophy and practice of yin yoga, the program offers a fresh and comprehensive training experience. Through in-depth exploration and experiential learning, students are empowered to embody yin yoga principles on and off the mat.


Course Details:
20 Hours