Online Professional Astrologer and Beyond Course

Photo: Luminous Life Multiversity

Learn how to become a professional astrologer with the Luminous Life Multiversity certification course. Led by expert astrologer Annie Botticelli, this program covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques, helping you use astrology to understand yourself, improve relationships, and even make money.


  • Start from scratch and gradually build your skills in astrology.
  • Learn about signs, houses, planets, transits, and aspects, essential for every chart reading.
  • Understand the chart reading formula, covering natal, progressed, solar return, solar, transit, and synastry charts.
  • Explore moon cycles and utilize the Ephemeris, vital tools often overlooked in astrology.
  • Cover retrograde planets, major planetary cycles, eclipses, astrological timing, and the significance of North & South Nodes in chart interpretation.
  • Access over 100 modules covering various astrological topics.
  • Get direct support and guidance from Annie Botticelli
  • Join a private forum for help and interaction with fellow learners.
  • Study whenever you want with lifetime access to course materials.
  • Engage in live sessions and discussions to deepen your understanding.
  • Receive free updates and extra modules to enhance your learning journey.

Whether you’re curious about astrology or aiming for a career change, Annie Botticelli’s certification course provides the tools and support you need to succeed.

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