Powerful Qigong 200-Hour Vitality Training Online

Photo: Holden Qigong

The Holden Qigong Teacher Training program offers an extensive online curriculum transcending basic Qigong instruction. Tailored for aspiring teachers and those seeking a deeper understanding of Qigong and traditional Chinese healing practices, it provides a holistic approach to education.


  • Learn the intricacies of each movement and its underlying principles, which are suitable for novices and seasoned practitioners alike
  • Six-month duration with over 70 hours of self-paced course materials
  • Equivalent to a comprehensive “master course” in Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Bi-monthly Masterclasses and monthly group Q&A sessions led by experts
  • Access to a vast library with over 96 sessions
  • Membership in an exclusive online community
  • Two private consultations with senior instructors
  • Comprehensive training manual in convenient PDF format
  • Completion of 200 hours of certification training

Enrolling in the Holden Qigong Teacher Training program grants perpetual access to essential resources for becoming a certified Qigong instructor. Whether new to Qigong or deeply immersed, this training enriches understanding and practice, empowering you to cultivate mindfulness, vitality, and holistic well-being from the comfort of your home.

Course Details:
200 Hours