Primordial Breath Basics Online Workshop

Photo: White Tiger Qigong

Finding inner peace is crucial in today’s busy world. This breathwork basics online workshop, Primordial Breath Qigong, rooted in ancient Chinese practices, helps achieve this. The class brings this practice to everyone, teaching deep breathing and movement exercises to boost concentration and personal growth.


  • Access altered states: Learn deep breathing techniques to gain insights and connect more deeply with the world.
  • Enhance perception: Discover methods to improve awareness and self-understanding.
  • Convenient practice: Downloadable music files and binaural beats aid relaxation and focus.
  • Animated learning: Engaging animations illustrate principles for better understanding.
  • Certified guidance: Learn from qualified instructors for effective learning.
  • Online flexibility: Conveniently learn from anywhere.
  • Unlock potential: Tap into your inner strength and experience holistic benefits.
  • Suitable for all: Beginner or pro, anyone can benefit from this course.

The Primordial Breath Qigong Online Course offers accessible and practical techniques for inner peace and personal growth. With easy-to-follow instructions and resources, anyone can learn to connect deeply with themselves and experience the benefits of harmonizing mind, body, and spirit.


Course Details: