Qigong Immersion Online Training Program

Photo: Yoga Farm Ithaca

Whether you’re an experienced yoga instructor seeking to integrate Qigong into your teaching or a newcomer eager to explore Qigong exclusively, Yoga Farm Ithaca welcomes individuals at all stages. Guided by an emphasis on experiential learning and holistic well-being, participants engage in a layered approach to Qigong practice, meditation, and essential healing principles.
This immersive training program will earn you a 200-hour teacher training certification. It focuses on the practice of Qigong and integrates trauma-informed healing methodologies.


  • Fundamental Qigong theory covers yin and yang, the five elements, and Chinese energetic anatomy.
  • Instruction in Nian Li Taoist medical Qigong techniques.
  • Corrective methods for various Qigong postures and breathing techniques, including Wu Ji’s empty stance, Zhan Zhaung’s Standing Post, and abdominal, reverse, and embryonic breathing.
  • Movement pattern training (Shen Fa) for Qigong incorporates principles like Song, Rising and Falling, and Six Harmony, alongside specific movements such as Bear Movement and swings.
  • Various walking patterns include Mud Stepping, Crane Stepping, and Phoenix Stepping.
  • Traditional Qigong forms include Wave Hands like Clouds, Ba Duan Jin (Eight Pieces of Brocade), and Five-Element Qigong.
  • Yi Yin Jing, the Sinew Tendon Changing Classic Qigong.
  • Payment plans available

Start your journey to become a certified Level 1 Qigong teacher at Yoga Farm Ithaca. This program is a great way to learn about Qigong and how to teach it. It’s an opportunity to grow personally while surrounded by supportive peers.

Course Details:
200 Hours