Quantum Qigong for Well-Being Virtual Training Program

Photo: Inspired Living

Discover Quantum Qigong in Inspired Living’s 12-week Level 1 Qigong Certification. This online course, led by experienced educators Christopher Grant & Daniela Hess, offers a modern approach to ancient energy practices, focusing on spiritual hygiene and self-care.


  • Live-taught online classes mimic an in-person learning environment.
  • Flexible scheduling with live or replay sessions on Saturdays, plus optional practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Explore core elements of Quantum Qigong and gain insights into the quantum field and consciousness.
  • Learn practices to enhance the connection to love, wisdom, and power.
  • Reduce stress, improve health, enhance intuition, increase compassion, self-heal, clarify life purpose, and strengthen willpower.
  • This package includes 12 weeks of live sessions, practice labs, lifetime access to recordings, evaluation, a Qigong teaching certificate, and unlimited practice classes.

Enroll in Inspired Living’s Quantum Qigong certification to explore ancient wisdom through a modern lens, enhance your well-being, and deepen your connection with yourself.


Course Details: