Radiant Warrior Online Yoga Teacher Training

Photo: Yoga Farm Ithaca

The Radiant Warrior Online Yoga Teacher Training, offered by Yoga Farm Ithaca, is a comprehensive program emphasizing mindfulness in yoga instruction. Trainees learn Vinyasa, Hatha, and mindfulness techniques to become proficient in-person and online teachers.


  • Gain confidence to lead classes in various settings, including online platforms.
  • Deepen personal practice through self-reflection and mindfulness techniques.
  • Access unlimited live and on-demand yoga and meditation classes for a year.
  • Learn over 36 standard yoga postures and five therapeutic breathwork practices.
  • Receive mindfulness coaching and training in social awareness.
  • Special discounts are available to promote inclusivity and diversity in yoga teaching, making it more accessible to underrepresented communities.
  • Self-paced interactive curriculum with direct engagement with staff.
  • Monthly payment plans available for program tution

The Radiant Warrior Online Yoga Teacher Training offers a comprehensive and accessible pathway for individuals to become skilled yoga instructors. With its emphasis on mindfulness, diverse course offerings, and commitment to promoting inclusivity, this program stands out as a valuable opportunity for personal and professional growth in your yoga career.

Course Details:
200 Hours