Yoga for Athletes Online Course

Photo: YogaRenew

Elevate your athletic performance and prevent injuries with YogaRenew’s targeted Yoga for Athletes course. This self-paced online program, designed by experienced yoga instructor Kate Lombardo, teaches you how to integrate yoga principles into your training regimen. You’ll learn to enhance your stability, flexibility, strength, and overall functional movement through comprehensive modules.


  • Understand key concepts and definitions of movement, including functional movement, stability, alignment, flexibility, mobility, and strength.
  • Explore asana practices focused on alignment and stability to build a strong foundation.
  • Discover yoga sequences designed to improve flexibility and mobility
  • Learn poses and techniques to build strength and complement your athletic training
  • Practice restorative stretches and releases to aid in recovery and prevent injuries
  • Lifetime access to course materials, including videos and resources, to support your ongoing practice

Enrolling in this Yoga for Athletes course will give you valuable tools to optimize your athletic performance and longevity. The targeted modules and practical applications will help you integrate yoga seamlessly into your training routine.


Course Details:
5 Hours