creative visualization meditation script

An Example of Creative Visualization Meditation Script

Creative visualization meditation is a beautiful way to create awareness of the present moment and control your breathing and focus. It will also help you open your chakras and allow the energy to flow from your root to your crown, flowing through your body to help create a positive outcome. You can visualize anything you want when you are meditating. It is good for you to have some goals in mind. Focus on stilling and clearing your mind and visualizing something that will help bring positive energy to you. You should only use visualization to cultivate a positive state of mind.

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What is Creative Visualization Meditation?

When you visualize, deep, controlled breathing helps you to remain calm and steady. When you focus on your breathing, it enables you to create a safe space to direct your thoughts, and this focus helps you to think clearly. It is like guided imagery in that you use visualization for that purpose.  

Creative visualization meditation combines the practice of meditation with visualization. When you meditate, you focus on your breathing while using visualizing for reflection. Visualization allows you to experience the emotions correlated with activating a future goal.

It also improves the quality of your breathing which helps to activate your chakras. You could also accomplish this using a candle and focus on the flame intently. This practice will create unwavering focus. Whatever you choose to focus on will carry you from breath to breath. When using visualization during meditation, you will see things through your third eye chakra.

Your third eye chakra is the focal point of your intuition and imagination. It will improve your ability to visualize. It also helps to nourish creativity. Creative visualization encompasses the use of mental imagery to produce the desired outcome.

How Do You Do a Creative Visualization Meditation?

You can use creative visualization meditation to relax. You will need to ignite your imagination using your chakras and mindfulness. The most important thing to remember is not to fight your own mind. Ease into the meditation by calmly clearing it but remaining focused.

Your breath will help you focus, and it will impact your overall well-being and by using your breath to guide you, you can align your chakras. Engage your mind by shutting out everything except the motion of your breath.

You can meditate anywhere you want, but it is best to find a quiet, relaxing spot to do it. It could be on the floor in your room or on your seat at work. You need to be able to take at least a few minutes to free your mind. Creative visualization meditation can help with many things like stress, anxiety, trauma, and depression. However, there is more the practice can encourage:

  • Mental clarity
  • Inner peace
  • Chakra balance
  • Increased motivation and energy
  • Improved focus

Creative visualization is excellent for people who want to visualize a positive outcome. When you put visualization and meditation into practice, you have limitless possibilities. Open your heart to the sky when you sit to meditate. Softly close your eyes and still your mind.

Intentionally send the air down to the abdomen with every breath, and on every exhale, contract your abdomen and let the air leave your mouth. Have every inhale equally the length of every exhale. Clear your mind and prepare for visualization. Once you relax and get control of your breath, you will be able to start the visualization process.

An Example of Creative Visualization Meditation Script

When you meditate, you need to be still and focused. Keep your breath slow and steady. The mind will naturally help you begin:

  • Find a comfortable place to sit. Find your breath or chi in the body, and feel how the breath moves naturally in the body. Work with your breath and allow it to help you still your mind. Clear your head of thoughts that do not serve you.
  • Gently move your mind from extreme concentration to contemplation of a mental image. Think of a pure, genuine love that is unselfish, like the love you and your pet share. Their love is not complicated, and it does not come with strings attached.
  • Invite your pet to come and sit with you. Start to visualize their facial features and expressions when they look at you. The two of you are blissfully happy together. Notice how your emotions shift when you are close to them. You feel love, happiness, tenderness, and warmth.
  • With your own emotion in mind, give your thoughts over to them. Tell them: “ May you feel loved, may you feel safe, may you feel love in your heart. May you feel at ease within your body.”
  • See how your pet acknowledges your wishes and thank them for coming to be with you. Allow the thoughts to settle.
  • Imagine someone difficult who does not necessarily trigger you but they simply annoy you. Extend the exact wishes to them as you did with your pet. See how the compassion and grace you give them makes you feel. This exercise is positive to ground you and teach you to love without discrimination.
  • Continue the practice through your imagination. Invite others into your warmth and compassion. Let them feel the same love and light you gave to your pet and the difficult one. End the practice by providing the same love to yourself. Tell yourself, “May I be happy, may I feel safe, may I know love. May I feel at home and ease in my body.”
  • You should explore the feelings you felt with the exercise. You may have felt an innocent love in your heart for your pet. With a problematic person, there may have been some resistance at first. Hopefully, that resistance gave way to acceptance and maybe even forgiveness. Allow yourself to feel whatever you need to feel to close the meditation. Breathe.


There are many ways you can do the creative visualization exercise. You can picture yourself in any situation, as long as you are there for a positive reason and are working towards a positive outcome. It gets easier the more you put visualization exercises into practice. Creative visualization meditation can help you clear your mind and teach you how to find love and light in every situation.