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Does a yoga certification expire?

It’s so exciting when you finally achieve your dream of earning your yoga teaching certification. Now you can snag your dream yoga job! However, just because you finished your course and you’ve begun your rewarding career as a yoga teacher, there are still requirements to keeping your yoga certification current.

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Does a yoga certification expire?

Youve spent tons of time, energy and money to become a newly minted certified yoga teacher. But now you may be wondering: Does a yoga certification expire? If you neglect to follow certain rules by certification body Yoga Alliance, yes, your certification can become defunct. Yoga Alliance requires certain continuing education hours to be completed in order to keep your certification current. In this article, were going to be talking about how to maintain your valuable yoga certification, so that you can glean all of the advantages of being a certified yoga teacher. Well list all the steps you need to take to stay certified.

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Why are there rules to keep certification current?

Yoga Alliance wants its certified yoga teachers to continue their education in order to maintain the high standards the certification is known for. By continuing your education, clients and employers will know that  you are serious about being a great yoga teacher, and that you place the utmost concern in keeping your students safe, as well. You’ll be in demand and your business will grow due to your commitment to improving your education.

Yoga Alliance Requirements

RYTs (200-hours) must complete 75 hours of continuing education within three years from the date of their initial registration. Below we’ve listed Yoga Alliance’s requirements. This list will aid you in figuring out a path forward in your yoga journey, especially when you’re wondering: Does a yoga certification expire?

45 hours teaching yoga

30 hours of yoga training that is directly related to one of Yoga Alliance’s Educational Categories, which are:

  • Techniques, Training and Practice
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

Advantages to having a yoga certification

Besides that important question of “does a yoga certification expire,” you may also be wondering what the advantages are to having a yoga certification. Now, remember, although yoga certification isn’t required to become a yoga teacher, most employers want you to be certified. And, when you’re certified, you’ll be sending a message that you’re a skilled yoga teacher, plus, you’ll get various benefits from Yoga Alliance. Check out all of the reasons why certification is a good idea:

  1. A boosted reputation because the certification will make a yoga teacher that much more valuable
  2. Confident clients who know their yoga teacher will keep them safe and will be up to date on pose modifications and contraindications when they are practicing.
  3. Education through Yoga Alliance Online Workshops (free for members)
  4. Visibility Yoga Alliance’s online directory of yoga teachers and schools
  5. Advocacy for issues important to the yoga community
  6. Community engagement through local community meetups and social media
  7. Perks or special discounts on yoga products and services

Wrapping up

Well, now that we’ve answered the important question of “does a yoga certification expire,” and how to keep your certification current, take a look at our article on the best online Yoga teacher training. The article has valuable information for people who are interested in pursuing their 200-hour yoga certification.