Drishti Beats Yoga Review

Drishti Beats Yoga Review

Music, for centuries, has been said to be the gateway to the heart. Yoga, on the other hand, connects one to their inner being, one breath at a time. When you combine music and yoga, you bring two potent instruments together, and that’s what Drishti Beats Yoga does. They create music that will guide you through your vinyasa flow, from one asana to the next. While some people love more meditative yoga classes, others love more upbeat classes, each of their own.

Drishti Beats Yoga brings music and yoga altogether, creating the perfect combination. Drishti Beats combines mind, body, breathing, and vinyasa flow. Combining yoga movements with music creates a harmonious movement. This builds momentum, making the participants explore new and heightened yoga experiences. Yoga has so many benefits, and when combined with music, it transforms into something better, which also gets ingrained deeply into the mind.

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What is Drishti Beats yoga?

Drishti beats an institution that has created an inspirational space for new yoga experiences. When you attend a yoga class by Drishti Beats, you’ll notice that it involves lots of music that guides you from one asana to the next. Drishti Beats creates their music and lyrics to match it for teaching a yoga class. Imagine moving through your asana with music in the background guiding you from one posture to the next. You’ll sometimes find that the music guiding you in a Drishti Beats yoga class is a message supported by the teacher’s hands-on coaching. 

If you ever attend a Drishti Beats yoga class, you’ll notice that it’s something out of the ordinary, very immersive, and extraordinarily memorable. It’s not a chance you’d ever want to miss. They even offer yoga teacher training for aspiring teachers interested in creating harmony between music and yoga. If you’re a beginner at yoga, it is the perfect yoga class. If you’ve been practicing yoga for a while, attending one of these unique yoga classes will help you expand your horizons and learn something new. Yoga is an art that we can all twist and tune to match our varying tastes and likes. 

What does "Drishti" mean in Sanskrit?

Drishti is a yogic practice defined as “focused gaze.” Drishti is used to develop concentration, which helps enhance focus during asana, meditation, and pranayama. It helps withdraw other senses to encourage the development of a more profound or heightened sense of awareness. In Sanskrit, Drishti is a term for “eyesight” or “vision.” This practice is believed to help inner wisdom and insight through the third eye. 

Apart from the Sanskrit meaning of Drishti, we can also understand it in a more digestible way. When your eyes are open, and you’re looking around the room, your mind pops up with different thoughts as you look at various items and areas. Because of this, it gets hard to still your thoughts and concentrate in silence. Drishti was first introduced through the practice of Ashtanga yoga, where the instructor gave students a gazing pint for each type of asana. The control of attention is a fundamental principle in yoga and meditation since it’s a means of stilling the mind and its fluctuations. 

These days, you can find the practice of Drishti in other forms of yoga, such as Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Sivananda yoga. This practice is central to trataka, a form of meditation in which the gaze is held on a candle flame. Through the practice of Drishti on the mat, you will also have more clarity and awareness off the mat. It helps the practitioner connect with higher levels of awareness. 

Drishti Beats Yoga Review - What is Drishti Beats yoga

The Drishti Beats Yoga Festival

If you need to rest and recharge, then the best place to do so will be in the beautiful mountains surrounded by nothing but nature and fellow yogis and teachers. The Drishti Beats yoga festival combines yoga, the love of nature, and music. During this yoga festival, you’ll start your mornings with a guided meditation with music. The rest of the day is also filled with various yoga with music classes, lectures, and breathwork. 

It’s a total immersion kind of event where you will involve your mind, body, and soul. There will be chakra alignment sessions, yin yoga, and restorative classes with lots of music. During this Drishti Beats yoga festival, you will also get lectures from various great teachers on varying projects that you will surely be interested in. you will also learn about how upcoming artists and their inspirations. You will also dance the night away at this yoga festival and learn from some yoga teachers you’ve probably been looking up to. 

Since you’ll be in nature, you can also choose to start your day with a guided, mindful hike. During the festival, you’ll also have access to various drinks and meals of your choice. The entire festival is curated for you to connect, ground, connect, rest, and ignite a sense of wonder within everyone present. 

Drishti Beats Online Yoga Teacher Training

Drishti Beats yoga has online teacher training for those who want to share their yoga knowledge with others, for their good, or even those merely interested in becoming yoga teachers. If you’re looking for a yoga teacher certification, this is the right yoga school for you since they’re registered under Yoga Alliance. This means you can teach yoga almost anywhere globally with such a certification. 

Their courses have different learning styles allowing you to digest them easily. The instructors teach yoga in a fun and playful, explaining complex concepts in practical aspects. The mentors have a way with words and explanations that will make you easily digest various concepts. Previous students praise Drishti Beats for the quality of their videos, too, since they film them in such lovely places. 

Courses by Drishti Beats are self-paced, and you can adjust them according to your schedule. You’ll also have weekly live video call sessions with your mentors where you can create a schedule together that works for you. If you ever feel like you aren’t getting your money’s worth, you always cancel within 14 days after signing up and be guaranteed to have your money back. 

200-hour yoga teacher training

This 200-hour yoga teacher training course is made by experts teaching yoga for over 25 years. Needless to say, you’ll be in the hands of experts. Unlike any other online yoga teacher training, Drishti Beats delivers their teachings using different methods such as visual and audio to ensure that it gets deeply ingrained in your brain and memory. 

This online teacher training was filmed worldwide and took over a year to make. So, you can be sure that it will be the most advanced 200-hour teacher training possible. This course’s teachings will open you up to profound learning and growth opportunities. You will be in the caring hands of some of the best teachers in the industry and have a very loving and supportive community that has your back. Upon completion, you’ll get a Yoga Alliance certificate since this school is registered.

300-hour yoga teacher training

This advanced online yoga teacher training is witty, clever, and full of storytelling. You will improve your skills and gain new skills to help you teach others, empowering them. Even though you will still be learning about yoga asanas, this training will focus on critical elements in advanced yoga practice. 

You’ll consult with your instructors on weekly zoom calls during your teacher training. You will also be able to interact with other yoga students like you. If you need further instruction, there is always a chance to have a one-on-one call with your yoga instructor. You can always make arrangements for calls depending on what works for you and your yoga instructor. 

Drishti Beats Yoga Music

Drishti Beats yoga music is primarily electronic music meant to help with meditation and yoga. There’s music for everything, and Drishti Beats has made that known to the world. Sometimes people do yoga with their minds racing so fast that they aren’t even present in their bodies. But background music supporting the mood and asanas you’re moving through makes it easier to concentrate and practice your daily movement. 

The music by Drishti Beats puts you in a zen mood and allows you to concentrate easily on your movement or meditation. Drishti Beats creates a connection between movement and music through the lens of a yogi. Creative individuals make Drishti Beats’ yoga music, and it’s easy to notice once you start listening to their music while practicing yoga.

Drishti Beats Yoga Review - Drishti Beats yoga music

Final Thoughts on Drishti Beats

Drishti Beats yoga has added the missing link between music and yoga. Listening to serene music explicitly made for asana quickly puts one in a zen mood when practicing yoga and allows easy relaxation. If you want to learn or become a yoga teacher, you can sign up for their 200-hour training. If you’re already a registered yoga teacher, you can partake in their 300-hour teaching, adding these into your continuing education units. Either way, you will have a blast taking their online courses. Alternatively, you can attend one or more of their yoga festivals. They keep it all updated on their website, so you know where to find them and when.