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Last updated on August 2nd, 2023.

When we mention dating coaches, a few names come to our minds, and Evan Marc is at the top of every list. Over the years, Evan Marc Kats has helped thousands of women globally who had given up on love to find their ideal partners through the Love U program. What exactly is the Love U program, and how does it help people find their preferred relationship partners?

Love U is personal training six months program aimed at helping single women find their ideal relationship partners. The program promises to help ‘stuck’ women who have given up on a romantic life gain more confidence and self-awareness that helps them attract the right partners.

This article will look at who Evan Marc Kats is, how he got started, a complete review of the Love U program, and other services that he offers besides Love U.

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Who is Evan Marc Kats?

Evan Marc Kats is a popular name in the dating world and is considered one of the best online dating coaches. He has built a reputation for helping singles going through a tough emotional and romantic period to reconnect with themselves and attract their desired partners. He’s also an author of popular books like Believe in Love which helps those who have given up on love after a messy breakup.

His programs focus on boosting the confidence and self-belief, which suffers the most after any breakup, with many people often left without closure by their former partners.

How did Evan Marc Kats get Started?

Evan Marc Kats admits to struggling with low self-esteem and confidence in his earlier days, which prevented him from approaching women he found desirable. Despite his efforts, the lack of confidence also made it impossible for him to maintain a lasting relationship.

He had gone out on 200+ dates, with all of them not turning out as he had expected. Marc says it was an event of chance in 2003 that changed his perception of approaching women, and he learned that it took confidence and self-belief to make any woman attracted to you. Since then, he has been helping single people unlock their confidence and project desirable traits that attract the right partners.

Besides showing you how to capture people’s attention, he takes you through several steps that will make your partner love and respect you unconditionally, which helps to maintain the relationship. He also offers free dating advice on his YouTube channel and a number of podcasts.

Love U Review

Love U is a six-month self-improvement program aimed at helping singles, mostly women, redefine themselves and learn ways of attracting their ideal partners. The program has helped over 12,000 people find love by following a 6-step strategy that can breathe life into your romantic world.

The 6-steps, famously known as the Pyramid of Love, take you through critical steps of rediscovering yourself and sparking the passion within you. It also teaches you how to differentiate between serious partners and those looking for a casual thing.

Each step is elaborated in videos and audio, where Marc addresses the common problems within each step and how to overcome them. These steps include:

  • Confidence – Marc mentions this more often throughout the program and emphasizes how important it is to be confident if you’re to attract the right partner. Marc shows you how to regain your confidence and work it to your advantage.
  • Meeting men – he prepares you on how to meet men and how to identify the right man for you. The problem with many singles, especially women, is falling for the wrong man. Marc shows you how to interact with the men you meet and know if they’re a right fit for you.
  • Dating – after working on your confidence and identifying the right man for you, Marc shares some tips that will make dating easy. This step is crucial for people who feel overwhelmed when in new relationships.
  • Understanding men – not every woman understands men, and this could be the reason for your breakup. If you’ve been on the wrong side of understanding men and how they think, then this step will come in handy. You get the ‘insider’ tips on how to deal with a man while still maintaining a healthy relationship.
  • Relationships – teaches you how to deal with and manage a relationship without feeling insecure or giving too much or too little of yourself. This step is crucial for successful women who find it hard to get true love and have struggled to keep their partners.
  • Commitment – the last step teaches you how to set relationship goals and commit to a common cause, which many people have struggled with in the long run. Marc takes you through a series of advice on how to pass your opinion to your partner without coming through as assertive or desperate.

You can watch the videos of Marc taking you through the steps, listen to podcasts, or read the books to help you understand why you’re struggling to find an ideal partner.

What Other Services does Evan Marc Kats Offer?

Having been known as a successful relationship coach, Marc has managed to come up with amazing programs geared toward improving our relationship lives. Here are the four offers from Evan Marc Kats:

Love U

It’s the most successful of any programs that Evan Marc Kats has created. Thousands of ‘graduates’ have gone from people who gave up on love to finding the right partners throughout the years. The 12-week course costs around $8,000, but a four-week program goes for $5,250.

E-Cyrano Online Dating (Profile Writing)

The course teaches you how to write an attractive online dating platform that tells people who you are and what you expect from a potential partner. Knowing this information is useful to spot red flags while online dating. Marc promises to help you write an A+ profile that attracts A+ partners.

Tinder Special

If Tinder is your preferred dating site, Marc will teach you how to set up your account and attract the right partners to you. Tinder customization could help you connect with people of the same interest as you, helping cut down the time of chatting with unsuitable partners looking for something casual. Tinder Special costs $48.

Self-help Books

Evan Marc Kats doubles up as a successful author with four books in his name, like:

  • Believe in Love
  • Why You’re Still Single
  • Why He Disappeared
  • I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book

With all these programs at your disposal, you’re guaranteed to get your love life in order and attract the right partner.

Final Thoughts

Evan Marc Kats is a known relationship coach with years of helping people find their right partners. He puts his experience to work by showing you what you might be doing wrong to keep the right partner from you. He helps you discover weaknesses and potential toxic traits that might be affecting your relationships. Just like Evan Marc, you can also get an online dating coach certification to become a professional at dating.

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