feng shui for beginners

The Best Course for Feng Shui for Beginners

You can change your inner life if you change your physical surroundings. Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art, is a way of life that can transform you internally through your external objects. Through Feng Shui’s recommended furniture and home layout, you can maximize your prosperity, opportunities, relationships, health, and more.

The MindValley course: Feng Shui For Life by Marie Diamond will give you easy, straightforward, and meaningful lessons that will change your life. This course is the best for introducing Feng Shui to beginners.

Feng Shui may sound complicated, but it does not have to be. There are many articles and videos online that can give you a shallow understanding of Feng Shui. Keep reading this article to know what Feng Shui means, how to get Feng Shui in your own home and whether the MindValley course is for you.

The Basics of Feng Shui

The East Asian art of Feng Shui has spread across the world. The age-old philosophy of Feng Shui is practiced by modern superstars.  Hence, it is no surprise that there is a growing interest in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui in Chinese is translated to “Wind” (Feng) and “Water” (Shui). Feng Shui is about the creative technique of placement; the angle and area you place different house items play a role in your life. Feng Shui also states that different colors, materials, and shapes of house items incorporate different factors into your life.

Feng Shui is all about energy, harnessing the most positive energy by positioning different elements in different ways. Like the flowing wind and water, optimal energy flows around us and is affected by physical objects.

Here is a little bit of background on the origins of Feng Shui:

Origins of Feng Shui:● Feng Shui practices have been present for thousands of years.
● Documentation of Feng Shui principles is found as far back as 960 BC.
● Prehistoric images of symbols and animals that showcase Feng Shui have been discovered.
● Today, Feng Shui is popular amidst both the Eastern and Western worlds.
Feng Shui Principle in a Nutshell:● A balanced outside world results in a balanced inside world.
● Proper arrangement of the pieces in your living spaces can create a positive, energetic balance with nature.
● Feng Shui goes beyond aesthetics and comfort. It is more about succeeding in all aspects of life (health, wealth, love, etc.).
● The objective of Feng Shui is to create harmony and good energy flow between a person and their environment.

The art of Feng Shui is profound, and many schools of teaching exist under the Feng Shui umbrella. There are, however, some essential components:

  1. The Commanding Position
  2. The Bagua
  3. The Five Elements

These are the basics of Feng Shui’s commanding position:

What is the commanding position in a room?● The area in a room that is furthest away from the entrance door and also not in direct line with that door.
● The area is diagonally on the opposite side of the entrance door.
● This area is where you have a clear sight towards the door, but you are not in a vulnerable position if an outside attack suddenly enters.
● The commanding position is where you should be, mostly when you are inside that room.
Which areas of your home are most important for commanding position?● The bedroom, the office room, and the kitchen are the most important rooms for applying for the commanding position.
● Other rooms are also important for applying for the commanding position, but those three are the most important.
● Your bed, your desk, and your stove should be in diagonal alignment with the entrance of those specific rooms.
Why are those areas of commanding position are most important?● The bedroom, the office room, and the kitchen are critical in your daily life and also represent different parts of your life.
● Your bed represents you.
● Your desk represents your career.
● Your stove represents your wealth and wellbeing.

Now, here is an introduction to the ideas being Bagua in Feng Shui:

What is Bagua?● The Bagua refers to the energy map of Feng Shui.
● The Bagua is implemented as the floor plan of your living space.
● Bagua is translated to “nine areas” in Chinese; this refers to the nine important areas in your life.
What are the areas underlying Bagua?• Family
• Wealth
• Health
• Knowledge
• Fame
• Career
• Helpful people
• Children
• Partnership and marriage

The Bagua areas should be looked into as a whole, but only one or two Bagua areas of your life should be worked upon at one time. In Feng Shui, one way of working on Chi and Bagua is by using the right elements.

Here is some information on the elements in Feng Shui:

What are the five elements in Feng Shui?• Wood
• Fire
• Earth
• Water
• Metal
Why are the elements important in Feng Shui?● The five elements reflect the interconnected phases of life, and together they make the whole system.
● Feng Shui allows you to balance the five elements in your home and each Bagua of your life.
● Each element has its qualities and corresponding characteristics.
● For example, fire represents passion and is associated with triangle shapes, red colors, summer season and enhances your fame.

Is it Really Possible to Attract Money with Feng Shui?

Money, money, money. If you are investing your time, energy, and a little bit of money in this Feng Shui course, maybe you want some money to come out of this. Maybe you want a lot of money to come out of adopting the Feng Shui way.

Who wouldn’t want more money? The essence of money is the feeling of freedom, ease, and opportunities. All three of these are increased with the practice of Feng Shui. Money, spiritually speaking, is a form of energy. The essence of Feng Shui is also about creating good energy and clearing out energy blockages.

It is possible to attract money with Feng Shui. Feng Shui is determined to help you prosper. In general, it takes four to six months to see modest prosperity enhancements.

If Feng Shui could not bring one wealth, then renowned entrepreneurs and business people such as Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Oprah Winfrey would not have adjusted their lifestyles in the Feng Shui manner.

The Best Course on Feng Shui for Beginners

If you are new to Feng Shui and you are looking for “THE” course that will have everything you need, then look no further. The MindValley course: Feng Shui for Life is life-changing.

About MindValley● This MindValley course will teach you Feng Shui so you can easily learn and benefit from this promising Chinese tradition in no time.
● MindValley is the largest personal growth company in the world and offers a plethora of futuristic educational content for anyone and everyone.
A little bit about the course● “Feng Shui for Life” is not just another KonMari trend about decluttering. This course dives into many categories.
● This is an ultimate personal growth lesson that can even inspire the people around you when they start seeing the almost tangible changes in you and your life!
● You will create spaces in your living area that will feel great every time you walk into it.

The ancient old science will be explored, and consequently, you will learn five specific techniques. With these five techniques, you will improve your life, your health, and your wealth.

How to Start Feng Shui at my Home Today!

Perhaps you are interested enough to begin some Feng Shui practices right away. Luckily there are plenty of things you can do today to start making your home a Feng Shui home.

Mirrors● Mirrors are said to improve the energy flow of Chi.
● You can elongate the Chi flowing path by placing mirrors where the Chi path comes to a dead-end.
● Place the mirror at an angle so the Chi path is reflected and moves further along.
Sounds● Natural and pleasing sound is recommended in Feng Shui.
● You can add nice background “music” in your home with wind chimes, running water fountains, and so on.
Windows● The windows in your living space are considered as the eyes of the adults in Feng Shui.
● For children, the windows in their homes are considered as their voice.
● Keep your windows clean and shiny, as this will allow more sunlight to come in.
● Sunlight in Feng Shui is viewed as natural rejuvenating energy. Sunlight, figuratively, wakes our physical selves and our souls up.
● Sunlight also allows the colors in our home to pop out and overall makes the home look brighter and bigger.
Doors● In Feng Shui, the doors of our homes symbolize communication and speaking up.
● In Feng Shui, doors also represent the portals through which opportunities may enter our lives.
● In your home, make sure all doors can open to a minimum of 90 degrees wide.
- Remove clutter behind doors that prevent a door from fully opening.
- Fix any hardware issues in the doors.
- Ensure none of the hinges squeaks.
● A door that cannot open easily means you are not receiving life opportunities easily.
● The main door is most essential and should be the most welcoming. The main door is the home’s first impression of Feng Shui.
Elements• The wood element can be introduced with wooden furniture and natural plants.
• The metal element can be added through metal sculptures and metal frames.
• Incorporate the earth element with crystals, landscape arts, and rocks.
• Bring in the water element through mirrors and other reflective surfaces, and even aquariums.
• The fire element is best added with candles and red-colored objects.

Perhaps you want to apply Feng Shui to specific rooms of your home too. Here are some ways you can do that:

Entry Room● Your entrance room determines how the energy enters your life and your home.
● For the best Feng Shui practice, remove clutter and debris from the entry room.
● Make your entry room inviting with proper lighting.
Bedroom● For Feng Shui in your bedroom, keep the bed in the commanding position.
● Unable to put the bed in the commanding position? Then place a mirror in the bedroom so that you can see the door when you lay down in your bed.
● Let there be space on either side of a bed if it is bigger than a single-size bed.
● Avoid putting a TV in the bedroom, as it reduces calming energy. Another option is to cover the TV with a beautiful fabric when the TV is not in use.
Overall house• Remove obstacles on the floor that get in the way of the routes you walk in at home.
• Any flickering or broken light bulbs should be fixed.
• Any doors that cannot close properly should be taken care of, e.g., a broken bathroom door or a kitchen drawer that is too full to shut.
• Notice each obstacle and gently adjust them with calmness and kindness.
• These paths include everything from going to the bathroom from the bed to heading to the kitchen when you come back home from work.
• A light fixture that flickers, a door that sticks, and you have to slam it close, squeezing through a cluttered hallway, looking into a closet jammed with clothes.
• Acknowledge any obstacles, then adjust with kindness. Be gentle. One thing at a time.


Now you know the basics of what Feng Shui is, how it affects every area of your life, and how to start practicing in your home now. If you want to become an expert receiver of all the goodness Feng Shui has to offer, you will love the MindValley course “Feng Shui For Life.