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Free Online Resources for Yoga Teachers

Although you need to receive professional certification to become a yoga teacher, you also need to utilize the best and maximum online resources. Doing so will help you stay updated and give a chance to connect with other famous trainers and students.

Thanks to a great number of blogs and online communities, you have quick and easy access to the best yoga tips and tricks. From blogs to podcasts and everything else, here are some popular and reliable online resources for yoga teachers.

Yoga Alliance

This is where yoga teachers register once they become a certified yoga teacher trainer. After you complete your certification course, register with Yoga Alliance as an RYT to add credibility to your training and experience. As a yoga teacher, you must have an easily accessible online yoga biography to showcase your training and keep track of important career milestones. Through Yoga Alliance, you also benefit from a database that has all your information, including education credits, training hours, etc. 

Yoga Journal

It is natural for a new yoga teacher trainer to have trouble sequencing their yoga classes. You can benefit from a free sequence builder to allow you to build classes by levels and save them on your account. Moreover, this platform also offers in-depth knowledge about yoga postures and routines for beginners and advanced yogis.

Curvy Yoga

The brilliant platform pays the diversity of body types. Anna Guest-Jelley, the founder of the platform, offers the best advice for embracing your individuality and building a positive body image. It all began when she began searching for alternative forms of healing in the late ’90s. She started learning biofeedback and medication but eventually entered the world of yoga. 

Today, she is among the world’s best yoga instructors, and her annual training is incredibly popular among students and trainers. She teaches curvy yoga, which is a form of yoga that offers stretches and postures, perfect for yogis with a bigger body. For those of you who can’t attend her training, you must subscribe to Curvy Yoga as the blog reinforces why everyone should love and honor their body. The platform is not just great for students but also for teachers who can learn a great deal from Guest-Jelley.

Mastering the Business of Yoga Podcast

After becoming a 500-hour RYT, Amanda, a business graduate, and a traveler embarked on a new journey. M.B.Om, her online business, as well as a podcast to help yoga instructors create businesses that they love. She collaborates with yoga teachers all around the world and helps them build profitable businesses. 

In her podcast, Amanda shares tips, interviews, and advice on how to take your yoga training business to a new level. She discusses the possibilities of being a yoga teacher and the challenges and rewards you reap along the journey, in her engaging podcasts. 

Yoga Gypsy

Yoga Gypsy is a great resource for all yoga trainers. There is an advanced program for individuals who want to lead their own workshops and retreat where you get a chance to co-facilitate alongside the lead trainer, each weekend. 

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Daily Cup of Yoga

Get your regular dose of yoga to learn everything about the latest meditation and yoga techniques and tips. The online resource offers tons of articles pertaining to yoga, medication, fitness, and tech. Guest bloggers and yogis share valuable insight and information related to all aspects of yoga. Don’t forget to check the blog every morning with your morning cup of coffee. The platform enjoys a strong social media presence, so it’s a great idea to follow their Facebook and Pinterest pages.

Yoga with Adriene

With over 859,000 subscribers, Yoga with Adriene serves as an influential online resource to educate yoga trainers all over the world. It’s easy to see why this quirky yoga teacher from Texas has a strong fan-base on YouTube. The pretty but strong yogi offers yoga classes for people of all ages, including a 30-day sequence that you can start at any time. 

The resource is a great resource for helping yoga instructors learn about yoga for weight loss and stress release. Her instructional videos are crisp in quality and offer easy-to-follow instructions to perform all postures accurately.

Do You Yoga

Do You Yoga posts full-length yoga classes to its YouTube channel every week and sends weekly newsletters to its global community. Discover plenty of programs and yoga classes designed to treat anxiety, stress, and a whole lot of other issues. The network enjoys more than 174,000 subscribers and offers videos featuring 30-day yoga challenges. 

My Free Yoga

The site works as an aggregate website to showcase the best yoga videos from all over the world. Since users can rate each video, you can sort out videos in terms of popularity or search for a particular style. Created in 2007, the website now enjoys over 50,000 members. 

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