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Last updated on August 29th, 2023.

If you are extroverted, have a great sense of communication, and love to help others, chances are, human resource is an excellent career for you to pursue. However, those skeptical want to know some of the benefits of pursuing an education and career in human resources. What are some reasons to get your degree in human resources?

Here are 10 reasons why you should get your human resources degree include the following:

  • Unpredictable workdays
  • The salary
  • Helping others
  • Teamwork
  • Continued education
  • Variety
  • Networking
  • Making a difference
  • Innovation
  • Your opinions matters

Let’s continue reading to learn about what a career in human resources looks like, how long a career in human resources takes, and ten reasons why you should get your degree in human resources.

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What Does a Career in Human Resources Look Like?

To start with, it is essential to know what human resources is. Human resources, or HR, is when people are in charge of handling and hiring people to be a part of a company, screening them, interviewing, handling benefits and payroll, and many other jobs. 

Human resource is a job that goes well with those who are analytical, are excellent communicators, and can work under pressure as they have to think on their feet for the betterment of the companies they work for. But what does a career in human resources really look like?

There is no clear cut answer as everyday will be different. Depending on the company or any other establishment you work for, every day is unpredictable because various problems may need to be solved because there are multiple things you will have to do as someone who works in human resources. 

So, one day you will be screening and interviewing a potential employee, while the next day, you will have to come up with solutions to a problem that has come to the forefront in the workplace. 

ut, before looking into what your career in human resources will look like, let’s revert and learn how long a human resources career can take. 

How Long Does a Career in Human Resources Take?

The time span that a career in human services can take depends on the educational route you are planning to go on based on what is most convenient for you. 

There are, to start with, two ways you can go on before leaning towards a potential third one:

  • Associate’s degree: Takes approximately two years to obtain and allows you to have a salary for an entry-level job
  • Bachelor’s degree: Takes four years, but the benefit is higher pay. 
  • Master’s degree: If you’ve got a bachelor’s degree and want to gain more knowledge and go for a higher salary, then you would work towards your master’s degree, which is another estimated two years. 

Regardless of the route you may want to take, the primary goal is to get your degree to work in human resources, as there are various benefits to working in that field. 

Let’s continue reading to learn about the ten reasons to get your degree in human resources.

10 Reasons to Get Your Degree in Human Resources

If you are skeptical about getting a human resources degree, you shouldn’t. There are plenty of good reasons to pursue a degree in this field. Continue reading to learn about ten reasons to get your degree in human resources.

1. Unpredictable Workdays

The job of someone in human resources will not only require immense problem-solving but will also be unpredictable. Every day will not be the same, making human resources work unique and refreshing. In less than a day, you could be dealing with something light, but the next day, something heavy-loaded, keeping you on your toes.

2. The Salary

People who work in human resources are paid a pretty penny. Working in human resources pays above average, usually around $60,000 for someone starting, and you will be able to make more of a salary the more you move up the ladder within the company you work for. 

3. Helping Others

You will have the ability to help others. Allowing them to be hired who need a stable job and, along with being employed, providing that person with all of the various benefits that come with the job, i.e., health insurance, vacation days, 401k’s, etc. You will have the power to provide them with the necessary things and amenities.

Get Your Degree in Human Resources - info

4. Teamwork

You will have the ability to work with others in human resources. Teamwork will be a requirement and benefit while working in this field. This is a benefit because you can work alongside others, interact with them, and get feedback from one another to solve a problem. Working alongside others can also motivate and make the workday more fun.

5. Continued Education

Yes, there will be education and a degree to have a career in human resources, but the education does not stop there. Over time, throughout your career, as things progress, you will be allowing yourself to enhance your knowledge and skills when it comes to your job through working, attending events and conferences, and interacting with others. 

6. Variety

When you think about working in human resources, you would think about just working at companies. Well, no, and that’s the beauty of it all. Work in human resources, a variety of jobs require human resources, and it could be fitting for you. You can work for a company, organization, administrative service, etc. 

7. Networking

You will be able to network with others while working in human resources. You will interact with people from around the world to gain further knowledge to help better yourself, the employers, and the company. To network, you can attend various conferences, meetings, etc.

8. Making a Difference

The ability to make a difference is powerful. Working in HR, you can right the wrongs within a company that could make them look better than they were before and have those hired or interested in working with the company feel welcome. You will have the chance to make a positive change in the workplace.

9. Innovation

To make the workplace a better place, you will, as someone working in human resources, have to develop training programs, and various company improvements in the employees, employers, and many more, via creativity and innovativeness. Being innovative helps the company stand out positively as much as possible. 

10. Your Opinions Matter

To work in human resources, you have the influence and power to ensure that the workplace is diverse, safe, and as progressive as possible for the employees and to provide better competition with other companies. So, with that being said, your opinions matter if you work in human resources and will have a chance to make a real difference. 


So, with all of the knowledge you’ve gathered throughout this article, you will be able to determine whether getting a degree in human resources is the best fit for you. Also, aside from this, you’ve learned about what a career in human resources looks like, along with how long It takes to have a career in this field.

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