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Last updated on November 24th, 2023.

Working with a personal trainer online sounds like one of the most awkward situations you can imagine. However, online training is becoming more popular, and the training sessions can be just as good as those you get from your local gym. So how does online personal training work?

Training online requires that you do daily and weekly check-ins with your trainer. A trainer will create specific monthly workout regimens that fit your needs. The training will also address nutrition and even have a few virtual visits.

Meeting with a trainer online is often the first step in a long process that will change your life. After that, you have to keep going and always keep the lines of communication open between you and a trainer. Read on and learn everything about how online personal training works!

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What’s The Purpose of Getting a Personal Trainer?

The purpose of getting a personal trainer is up to the client. They could be in Olympic athlete shape or a deconditioned person looking to get healthier. Online trainers take clients from all walks of life. Getting one is to have a source of intense workouts and strategies that improve your fitness goals.

A few reasons that people hire online personal trainers are:

  • Motivation – Often, people just need the motivation to go to the gym. Online trainers can be excellent sources of inspiration and can even teach you principles that take you beyond motivational speeches and into self-assurance.
  • Knowledge – Another purpose of getting an online trainer is your gym knowledge. You simply might not know what you are doing in the gym. The trainer’s knowledge provides ideas for the client and will supercharge their workout plans.

Trainers are approached by people from all walks of life. Although yoga can help with injuries, trainers are asked to help someone lose weight by attending a special event or teaching basic strength training movements to prevent injuries. Online trainers draw the same clientele but no in-person visits. Know your reason for hiring before choosing the first name you see.

How Often Should I Meet with a Personal Trainer?

Meeting with a trainer regularly is needed to get the results you want. Meeting with a trainer one to three times a week is best. Being regular with your workouts is imperative in reaching your goals, and getting too much exercise can leave you unable to make progress.

If my Personal Trainer is Online, What Should I Expect?

Training in-person and online is two different processes. They will all work with knowledge about you and your goals. The most significant difference is that you might never meet face to face with your trainer in the online setting, and an in-person trainer will become like an appointment. Both types of trainers should be certified. The National Council on Strength and Fitness is great guidance to help you find the perfect personal trainer certification.

Shopping for an Online Trainer is Essential

Don’t just train with someone because you saw them on Instagram. Instead, shop around for trainers who have a proven record of helping people with your specific conditions. You also can use an app that allows you to choose from a range of trainers.

Health Surveys are the Starting Point for Trainers

After choosing your trainer from an app or other site, they will need to know your health history. This gives them a heads up about any illnesses or injuries you might have had. It’s also an excellent place to show them what you want to accomplish by hiring them.

Training Schedules are the Cornerstone of the Online Training Method

Once the trainer has met with you and knows what you are seeking out of their program, they will send your training schedule. These schedules will be a weekly breakdown of the workouts and how to perform specific exercises.

Some things that will be listed on the training schedule are:

  • Sets and Reps – One of the many things that trainers learn is how to create reps and set ranges that challenge their clients. The listing on your schedule will have all that information listed in the PDF emailed to you.
  • Body Parts – The body parts you need to train will also be listed. This is important because splitting your workouts into body segments allows the other parts to rest, encouraging muscle growth or fat loss. You can also learn to effectively ingest foods with amino acids for muscle growth.

Once the training is complete, you will move into the watching phase. After your training schedules are created, you should take that time to plan your feedings and consult any gyms about special equipment that could be needed.

The Watching Phase of Online Training is Not Easier

Once the client has the plans they need and their workouts are progressing, the online trainer enters a type of watching mode. They only peek in to ask questions or answer them from time to time. Then, they continue to motivate by asking for screenshots of workouts or pics of them at the gym.

How Does Online Personal Training Typically Work?

The most significant percentage of online personal training visits are made with large companies, like Trainiac, which offers a monthly fee and lets you pick your trainer. Beware of other imitator sites that provide the same things but don’t have individualized plans for their members. You need a program built for you. Not one made for a cookie-cutter.

A Great Source to Get Started with an Online Personal Trainer

It has been mentioned before, but Trainiac has one of the most highly customer-rated apps. They give you an option of which trainer to work with, and a personalized plan is created to fit your needs. These trainers aren’t just the ones from your local gym either. Trainiac only hires the best and has some of the most sought-after trainers in fitness.


The National Academy of Sports Medicine is the preeminent name in fitness training. They have a fantastic training model that allows the clients to progress in all fitness and wellness areas. They are an exceptional source for trainers, and they have certified some of the most elite trainers in the world.


Getting an online personal trainer is an excellent idea for those looking to get back into shape or trying to trim their times for competition. There are a lot of things a personal trainer needs to know in order to guide you to the right training. The online trainer works to motivate from afar and provides training plans that keep the client working and happy with the results.

There are tons of resources about online personal training, and it can be hard to know who to trust. Look for trainers who have been certified by NASM. They are a significant certification body with a stringent training process and a solid plan that clients love.

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