Is a Coursera Online Degree Legit

Is a Coursera online degree legit?

Over the last decade, online learning has become a unique way for students to access beneficial education. One of the most prominent websites for learning that has emerged is Coursera. They offer everything from individual courses to degrees, all of which can take place online. If you are a student, you might wonder- is a Coursera degree legit?

The good news is that a Coursera online degree is legitimate. There are many benefits to gaining a degree online, so it is vital to understand everything with a Coursera degree. This way, you can decide whether an online or in-person degree is right for you.

Read on to learn more about Coursera and all that it offers. It is a unique way to learn, and many can enjoy all that the system has. A degree on this site is legitimate and can be used to further any career, no matter what you are trying to dive into in your education.

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Who is Coursera?

Online learning has been increasing in popularity for the past few years. With the rise in programs available, Coursera is definitely a name to know.

Coursera is a platform that works with leading universities and companies to bring online learning to anyone who uses the site. They desire to transform lives and communities by providing easy access to education, instilling confidence and new skills within their users. Coursera is in it to do good for the world.

Some of the items Coursera offers include:

  • Degrees
  • Professional certificates
  • Free courses
  • Specializations

These exist on Coursera, along with a lot more. If you want to learn about something, you can find it on Coursera.

Online learning is a unique education space that has expanded and grown over the years. Coursera is just one of the many platforms that have taken advantage of this, creating a learning site that everyone can access. Read on to learn more about what Coursera can give to eager students who access the site in their spare time.

Is Coursera Online Degree Accredited?

When a college degree is accredited, it has reached high standards and is maintaining them. This verification means a place of higher learning has taken the time to prove that they are up to the general guidelines. It generally means they care for their students and care about the education they’re receiving.

Since Coursera is online, you might wonder if a degree through this site is accredited. Students can feel safe with the knowledge that education from Coursera is accredited and approved by an agency. It has gone through the voluntary approval process and taken the time to prove itself to the agency monitoring its accreditation.

Since Coursera is accredited, it:

  • Maintains a high standard for the courses and degrees it offers
  • Means your credits matter and can be transferred to another university
  • Proves your degree is just as valuable as others, even those at high-level institutions

Coursera is a genuine and accredited university for students seeking out an online learning experience. It is safe and does not have the intention to scam students out of their money.

If you want a quality degree from an online source that cares, Coursera is an excellent place to look into further knowledge. They care enough to go through this voluntary process and look out for the education of their students. You are not getting scammed if you give money to this site, and you are sure to get something good out of using it.

Is Coursera a Real Degree?

There are so many things online that are scams. If you are looking into Coursera, you might be fearful that a degree through this platform is a scam. After all, you are giving them a large sum of money. If you get scammed, you could be throwing away a critical investment that could have benefited your home.

Students can feel safe with the knowledge that the degrees offered through Coursera are genuine. They are authentic and provide users with accurate information they can take into the rest of their lives. If you put money into this site, you can be sure that you will be on your way to achieving an online degree you can use for the rest of your life.

3 Benefits of Getting a Degree Through Coursera

If you are considering getting a degree through Coursera, you might wonder if there are any benefits to learning in this manner over going to a physical university. After all, you are sacrificing many of the perks that come with in-person learning, such as connections with instructors and collaboration with peers.

The three main benefits that come with a Coursera degree include:

  • Access to lifelong learning in a familiar format
  • Education from anywhere you want
  • Affordable degree opportunities in many categories

These are the best reasons in favor of a Coursera degree.

Of course, there are some cons to a Coursera degree. You don’t get the full college experience, you won’t be able to collaborate with classmates, and it can be hard for some to learn on their own. However, the benefits far outweigh the negatives, particularly for some people in unique circumstances.

Keep reading to learn more about each of these benefits and what they will give to you if you decide to pursue a Coursera degree. Each might be appealing to different people based on their life circumstances and desire to pursue higher education. The benefits that come with Coursera are very different from a typical college degree.

Access to Familiar Lifelong Learning

One of the biggest benefits that come with Coursera is access to lifelong learning. With a regular degree, leaving the university means leaving the teaching style and education offered at that location. With Coursera, you can earn a degree and continue to learn in a similar style about anything you want.

Some of the items you can learn about on Coursera include:

  • Machine Learning
  • AI for Everyone
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning

All are unique courses you can take advantage of on Coursera, even after your degree is complete. They offer everything from studying strategies to information on the scientific method.

The ability to learn is a powerful tool that many people want but cannot figure out how to access. Coursera offers classes that you can continue to utilize even after you have finished the required courses for your degree. You can continue to learn far beyond the core requirements for your higher education.

Lifelong learning can continue far past the earning of your degree. If you ever feel like you are in an educational rut, you can access Coursera and learn something new. The ability to improve yourself over time is something unique to Coursera. A typical in-person university cannot give you this without pushing extra fees.

Education from Anywhere

Another benefit to Coursera is the ability to access it from anywhere. Since it takes place online, you do not have to go to a physical building to take your classes and progress in your degree. Instead, you can continue your progress as you go about your life without disrupting items you have to do daily.

You can use Coursera and progress in your degree from:

  • Your job, working to earn money necessary for survival in your life
  • Your home, watching your kids, or taking on chores while you learn
  • A café, where you can drink coffee and relax while you take in the available knowledge

These are places where you can use Coursera. Anywhere you can access the internet, you can utilize Coursera and learn, progressing in your degree and taking big steps in your educational journey.

With a typical degree, you are limited in the places you can learn from. Most degrees require you to come into a physical location to take your courses. This can be impossible for many, especially those who have already begun to build up a life and are returning to college to further their education.

The flexibility of location can allow you to pursue many items at once in your life. If you want to go after a higher position in your career, you don’t need to put everything on hold to learn. If you are pregnant, you can finish your degree without worrying about making it through a class. Coursera opens up a world that an in-person degree cannot offer.

More Affordable

The final benefit to pursuing a degree with Coursera is the price. In the United States of America, the average cost of a degree is around $35,720 for public universities. Private universities cost even more. This price is unreachable for many, particularly those who are on their own or need to take care of a family in their spare time.

Coursera degrees start at around $9000, a significantly lower sum than most in-person universities. You also do not need to pay for the overpriced room and board that universities require for their students. A price this low means:

  • You do not need to cut down on as many expenses as you would with an in-person degree
  • You can afford to pursue your education further, even taking on many areas of study at once rather than limiting yourself to one
  • You can splurge on materials such as textbooks and learning tools such as laptops or notebooks that will improve your experience

These can all come from a lower-costing degree, along with many other benefits. Saving money is always a winning situation, no matter how much it is that you gain.

College prices have gotten ridiculous over the years, doubling and tripling in expense. It is getting less and less practical to pursue higher education, especially with the competitive nature of scholarships and financial aid offered to the general public. Coursera offers an affordable way to get a degree.

With a degree so cheap, you can even access more than one for the price of a single in-person degree at a well-known university. You can expand your horizons without the fear of pressing student debt dragging you down, preventing you from growing as far out as you could without the financial burden of debt. A low price can get you far.


Now that you know more about Coursera, you can determine if an online degree from this site is the best choice for you. There are many benefits to taking on education in this way, though some might prefer to go in person. It is up to you to determine which will work best for you in your life, as everyone has a different living situation.

A Coursera online degree is just as legitimate as any other sign of completion. This site can give you access to a bank of knowledge that can push you far in life. Nothing is more critical than education, and Coursera is a great way to take that on. If you have not seen this site, you should take the time to check them out and see all they have to offer.