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3 Ways to Get Your Keto Coach Certification Online

Keto coaching has become an increasingly popular niche in the fitness industry. Many people are looking for a way to lose weight and improve their health but don’t know where to turn. A keto coach is trained in how to help people who want to follow the ketogenic diet or lifestyle with success, so they can achieve their goals of becoming healthier.

The 3 Keto Coach Certifications Online are:

  1. Ketogenic Living 101
  2. Maria Mind Body and Health
  3. American Nutrition Association

This article will list the details of the three best programs mentioned above which people can use to acquire their keto coaching certification online. Additionally, it will briefly describe what it means to be a keto coach, the cost of these certifications, and the benefits of acquiring them online.

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What is a Certified Keto Coach?

The ketogenic diet focuses on a strict low carbohydrate intake and a high fat intake. The idea is that when the body gets few carbohydrates, it starts using up its glucose reserves and uses them to create energy in the form of ketone bodies instead. Don’t worry thought, there are still plenty of things to eat on the keto diet.

Although the basics of this diet might sound simple,  it can be quite difficult for people to maintain. That is why being a keto coach has become such an important profession, especially as many health professionals warn of the dangers associated with improper adaptation of this diet.

A certified keto coach is someone trained and specializes in how to help people who want to follow the ketogenic diet or lifestyle with success, so they can achieve their goals of becoming healthier. This is done through consulting and support services.

Here are some examples of the services offered and what you might expect to provide as a keto coach:

  • Creating healthy meal plans for clients based on their individual needs and preferences like plant based nutrition for beginners
  • Educating clients on the ketogenic diet so they can maintain it someday without their coach
  • Easing the transition to a ketogenic diet
  • Helping them overcome any financial, emotional, or physical challenges they may be facing (either through guidance by them or referrals to other support resources)
  • Being available for client questions and consultations

Most people find that having a keto coach to turn to for support can make this journey much easier. This is one of the driving forces behind why many keto coaches do what they do so that they can share the benefits of the keto diet in a manageable and comprehensible way for all clients.

How Much is a Certified Keto Coach?

Keto coach certifications are legitimate credentials a student acquires from hours of research, practice, and experience. Therefore, these certification programs always come at a cost due to the quality of teaching and resources necessary for students to learn everything about being a keto coach.

The cost of keto coach certification can differ widely based on the program and whether it is offered in-person or online. Generally, online certification programs will cost significantly less than in-person courses, averaging between $850-$3,000 versus many in-person programs that easily cost around $4,000-$6,000.

Fortunately, many programs allow students to utilize payment plans if the initial cost is too much for them, and it isn’t uncommon to find tuitions at discounted rates, especially for introductory courses.

Of course, in addition to most certification courses costing less than $1,000, the other benefits of acquiring them online is that they offer all of the same exceptional resources and teaching but in a self-paced format that allows you to fit your learning experience more easily into the other responsibilities of your daily life.

3 Ways to Get Your Keto Coach Certification Online

When it comes to online keto coach certification programs, you’d be surprised how many results pop up in a single online search. Like any institution, the options can seem overwhelming, but the trick is to find the one that best suits you and your intended keto path.

Below, we have listed our top three online programs that will take anyone from a keto-passionate beginner to a coaching expert. While the content within each is very similar, they all have unique benefits that might entice you to enroll in one over the other.  

1. Ketogenic Living 101

We’re going to start this list off strong with the online keto coach certification program provided by Ketogenic Living 101.

Who's the Founder?

This community and business are founded by none other than Kate Jaramillo, a revered keto expert, keto cookbook writer, and entrepreneur who has created two online fitness programs in addition to this certification course. With her guidance, students can embark on their keto certification path created by this program that laid the foundation for countless others.

What Does it Offer?

The Ketogenic Living Coach Certification program is the first of its kind to be approved for CEU credits and approved for the NASM, AFAA, and ISAA! Not only does it gives students all the skills, knowledge, and experience to be an exceptional keto coach, but it also shows them how to make this a thriving business for themselves.

There are two-course packages you can choose from:

  • Certification Online Course + Business-in-a-Box
  • Certification Online Course + Business-in-a-Box + Digital Assets

Both teach help you achieve your certification as a keto coach, but the package with the digital assets includes a website template and other beneficial tools for getting started as an independent business right away.

In terms of course content, students will progress through 6 modules at their own pace that covers topics such as,

  • The science behind keto
  • How to calculate macros
  • HIIT-style workouts
  • Keto for chronic disease
  • Plateau-busting strategies
  • How to successfully operate your Ketogenic coaching business

Afterward, students will take a 60-question certification exam and, upon passing, receive their official keto coach certification.

What Does it Cost?

If students enroll in the basic package of the program, the cost is $999.00 USD, versus the advanced package with the additional digital assets cost $1,699.00 USD. After purchasing the course, students have a maximum of 6 months to complete all course content and their certification exam. However, most students can complete the course in its entirety within 1-2 weeks of consistent dedication.

2. Maria Mind Body and Health: Keto Adapted

Another highly praised source in the keto community is Keto Adapted. However, this company’s program has an extra element most won’t consider in their keto training and could make a significant difference in making you a unique resource for others in your keto coaching.

Who's the Founder?

Keto Adapted was founded by none other than Maria Emmerich of Maria Mind Body and Health. She is best known as an international best-selling author who has incorporated her vast keto knowledge and expertise on exercise physiology to provide students with an in-depth understanding of their course content and how they can help others achieve the ideal weight, health, and lifestyle. In this particular program, Maria is supported by her husband Craig, who provides the business approach to the course.

What Does it Offer?

The course offered by Keto Adapted is known as the Keto and Carnivore Coach Certification, which is unique because of its added focus on the keto carnivore diet, how this differs slightly from regular keto, and when to suggest it to clients.

The contents of this course include 200 videos that cover topics such as:

  • What is keto?
  • Changes in modern practice
  • How to tweak keto for better results or to break a stall
  • Negatives of plants
  • Fasting
  • Building a successful business

And these are only the tip of the iceberg for comprehensive keto coaching content. In addition to the videos, every student receives 90 days of support from fellow students, instructors, and live webinars with Maria and Craig.

Students also receive “business in a box,” which provides them with meal plans and grocery lists for their first clients, along with intake forms, disclosure forms, pantry lists, recipes, and several other resources to help you get on your feet and start your own business after completing the course.

What Does it Cost?

As far as online programs are concerned, the program offered by Maria and Craig is a bit pricy at $2,997. However, they go through extraordinary lengths to demonstrate on their website how their course offers all the same exceptional teachings and resources as many other (mostly in-person) institutions for a fraction of the cost. According to their math, other programs could charge $12,905 for what they’re doing, so students are really getting an unbeatable deal here.

3. American Nutrition Association

The final keto coach course we recommend is through the  American Nutrition Association. If you’re looking for a keto coach certification program that isn’t founded by an individual keto expert and, instead, is run by a larger renowned company, this is the choice for you.

Who's the Founder?

While completing a course founded by an individual keto expert can help the teaching process feel more personal, many people are reasonably wary of the bias connected to these programs.

Therefore, while organizations like the American Nutrition Associate can have their own biases, you have the assurance of learning from a team of professional researchers and practitioners in the field of nutrition versus one expert supported by a handful of team members.

Despite some criticisms of the organization, their publications, such as AJCN, are the highest-ranked peer-reviewed original research journals in nutrition and dietetics.

What Does it Offer?

The Ketogenic Nutrition Training Program offered by ANA comprises two parts before a student is eligible for their certification.

The first part is the Foundational Ketogenic Nutrition Training which lays down the foundations of keto, including:

  • Module 1: Ketone Metabolism and Historical Clinical Evidence
  • Module 2: How to Formulate a Ketogenic Nutrition Plan

The course is 100% online, self-paced, and has no pre-requisites. It ultimately takes about 16 hours to complete and will give students the core knowledge they need to move on to part two, the Advanced Ketogenic Nutrition Training.

This part is comprised of six modules that teach:

  • Module 1: Ketone Metabolism and Historical Clinical Evidence
  • Module 2: How to Formulate a Ketogenic Nutrition Plan
  • Module 3: Assessment, Implementation, and Monitoring
  • Module 4: The Case for a Ketogenic Diet in Disorders of Insulin Regulation
  • Module 5: The Case for a Ketogenic Diet in Cancer Treatment Regimens
  • Module 6: The Case for a Ketogenic Diet in Neurological Disorders

This course is recommended for students with a strong understanding of keto and focuses on honing their skills and adding experience. Once students have finished the advanced course, they can apply for the Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist (CKNS℠) examination. Once passed, they will be officially certified as a keto coach, and you will be one step closer to becoming a certified ketogenic nutritionist.

What Does it Cost?

There are a number of factors that play into the cost of this program, but ultimately, it is one of the cheapest options out there with the most exceptional resources.

The foundational course will cost students $295, the advanced course will cost $695, and the $50, and the Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist (CKNS℠) examination has a $50 application fee on top of the test itself which costs $150. Altogether, taking every part of this course to completion will cost $1,190. However, ANA Members are eligible for a 15% discount to both training programs to further reduce costs.

Final Thoughts

Keto diets are increasing in popularity and scientific standing as a valid way for individuals to improve their diet, lose weight and live an overall healthier lifestyle. Of course, without the guidance of a certified coach, many individuals who adopt a keto diet either fail or abuse it. This is why having keto coaches with a thorough education on their teachings is vital, and there are few resources better to do this than the ones listed above.

(If you are looking for another way to diet, try Eating Gluten Free.  There are tons of benefits of a gluten free diet