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Leading Edge Seminars: EMDR

EMDR is a fantastic method for helping people heal from trauma, PTSD, or any mental health issue that affects their life daily, weekly, or monthly. However, there aren’t enough people trained on how to use it, or even who believe that it works. This is where Leading Edge Seminars can help.

Leading Edge Seminars centered around EMDR are open, groundbreaking seminars and workshops that focus on mental health on how EMDR can help or fix certain issues. These are in-person or online depending on what you need and there are a few on-demand options as well if you need information right now.

Leading Edge Seminars are some of the most convenient and easy ways to get the information you need about EMDR when you need it. They even have consultants who will work with you to figure out if you need to take a seminar, get certified, or just work with an independent EMDR provider to help advance your practice.

What Are Leading Edge Seminars?

Leading Edge Seminars are informative workshops or speeches that you can attend in-person, or online to learn more about EMDR and how it relates to improving mental health. While anyone could really join in and participate in these seminars, they are specifically designed to help further inform those in a mental health-focused career. Explore the salary and career info of an emdr professional here.

While most seminars are sitting in a large room listening to someone talk for hours about one topic and why it’s important, Leading Edge Seminars usually cover a variety of topics all surrounding EMDR and its benefits. Whether it’s the theory of EMD, the practice of EMDR, or the legality behind it and other therapy sessions, the seminar will not disappoint.

You will walk away with pages of information that will be applicable to your practice and the future of EMDR therapy no matter what seminar you attend, and no matter what topic you choose. However, there is usually so much information that you are given access to the recorded seminar after it’s over so you can reference it when needed.

Who Is Roy Kiessling?

If you attend any Leading Edge Seminars, chances are you will hear about Roy Kiessling and what he has done for the mental health community. Roy is the founder of EMDR Consulting as well as the creator of an approved EMDR training course available to those in a mental health career.

Roy is also an independent EMDR provider approved by EMDRIA. He works to walk alongside clinicians to improve their EMDR therapy or to help them start the process of EMDR training and certification.

What Happens At A Leading Edge Seminar? (EMDR Therapy)

At a Leading Edge Seminar, you will learn things about EMDR depending on your level of training and which classes you signed up for. A few topics of EMDR you can learn about at Leading Edge Seminars are:

  • Theory of EMDR
  • How to Provide EMDR therapy
  • How EMDR Works
  • How to become trained, certified, and capable

Now, how you receive this information is different depending on your needs. You may attend a Leading Edge Seminar, but you can sit on your couch at home and learn everything you need to know. They have in-person and online options for those who can’t travel or are still concerned about the pandemic.

No matter what method you choose, you will receive the same amount of information you would’ve if you chose the other way. However, it should be noted that if you are attending online, you must pass a quiz with an 80% to certify your attendance to gain access to your certificate of completion. This is why it is essential that you choose the right emdr therapist.

How Long Are Leading Edge Seminars?

Most Leading Edge Seminars hover around 2-3.5 hours, however, there are some seminars that can last 8-10 hours and will be split over 2 or three days. In reality, the length of your seminar depends on a few things such as:

  • Topics being discussed
  • Your teacher and their desire for seminar length
  • Whether it’s an in-person or online seminar

No matter how long each seminar is, if you have registered, you are provided with a year of free content and the recorded seminar is available to you for that entire year as well. So, even if you want to attend a seminar but you won’t be able to attend the entire thing, or your time is unexpectedly cut short, you can always catch the rest later.

If you are incredibly concerned about missing something important, most seminars have layouts of their agendas brown down by time blocks. You can view what the goal is for topics in the first and second half so you can schedule your day accordingly.

Where Can I Find Out More ABout Leading Edge Seminars?

Any extra questions, concerns, or information you want or have about Leading Edge Seminars you can always find at their site Leading Edge Seminars. From the website, you can view all future seminars, workshops, or training sessions that they advertise.

You can also view other things such as:

  • Prices
  • Who’s leading which seminars
  • How long they are
  • Previously recorded seminar information
  • Information on who should take the seminars
  • Learning objectives
  • Agenda’s

Really, anything you want to know about Leading Edge Seminars you can find on their site with minimal effort. They are very open and transparent about What they do, why they do it, and when they are going to teach you how to do it.

Final Thoughts

Given that EMDR is quickly becoming heavily desired in the mental health community, there have to start being places where providers can get all the information they need, about everything. Thankfully, Leading Edge Seminars is that place for providers so they don’t have to shop around.

While you may need to get certified through another avenue, your continuing education and intro to EMDR can start and end with Leading Edge Seminars.